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ghost temple soul stones into it.

The soul stone in this ghost temple is no ordinary item. It has special spatial properties and can be refined into a storage ring.
Of course, compared to the storage ring Wei Xiaobei wears on his hand, the storage ring refined from the ghost temple soul stone has a smaller space, usually three hundred to one hundred cubic meters. between.
/At this time, the warehouse was extremely quiet. Wei Xiaobei estimated that the personnel on duty would not patrol here for a while, so he started refining the weapons boldly.
Wei Xiaobei had made storage rings for his apprentices before, so he was quite skilled in making them.
About half an hour later, a batch of twenty storage rings was freshly produced.
After Wei Xiaobei checked them one by one, he felt very satisfied.
The space of these storage rings is not small, the largest one reaches 500 cubic meters, and the smallest one has more than 200 cubic meters.
Among the storage rings that Wei Xiaobei has refined, they are considered to be top-notch products.
The total space of these twenty storage rings reaches 8,000 cubic meters, which can hold 16,000 tons of grain.
As a result, Wei Xiaobei could take away 22,000 tons of grain at one time, accounting for more than one-fifth of the warehouse’s reserves.
/Of course, with so much food missing from the warehouse, it is easy to see it from the outside.
Therefore, next, Wei Xiaobei adjusted the grain in the warehouse and piled the grain mountain outside full. As long as the grain mountain outside was not moved away, it would be difficult to see that the grain mountain inside was missing a large piece. .
After doing this, Wei Xiaobei returned along the same route. At this time, the convoy was stopping in front of a warehouse to unload the goods. Wei Xiaobei quietly sneaked onto the chassis of a truck again.
After the unloading was completed, the convoy turned around and returned. When leaving the cement channel, the National Guard soldiers did not even take out the military dogs. They just checked the situation in the carriage and then let them go.
When Wei Xiaobei returned to the area near the ancestral temple of the Alazisai people, only five hours had passed.
The old man named Kukuzayi was standing in front of the ancestral temple, and a group of Alazisai people were listening to his teachings.
When Wei Xiaobei appeared in front of him, Kukuza smiled and introduced the Alazisai people to Wei Xiaobei.
There is no doubt that for the Alazisay people, the status of this old priest is quite high. Many of the Alazisay people are the tribal leaders of this uprising, and there are even a few from other reservations. High Priest.
Naturally, Wei Xiaobei didn’t have much time to waste here. After saying hello with a smile, he asked Kukuzai to prepare a place to store food.
“Has the food arrived?”
Kukuzayi asked hesitantly. In his opinion, no matter how powerful Mr. Wei was, he would not be able to find much food in such a few hours.
But when Wei Xiaobei then waved his hand, piles of grain b