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as spent on promoting the belief in the Sun God.

But as time goes by, the bad nature of human nature naturally becomes apparent.
Struggle for power, enjoy luxury, suppress dissidents, etc.
To put it simply, the current chief priests have become accustomed to one person being aloof and powerful. If they are allowed to return to the original state of being submissive to the Pope, they are absolutely unwilling to do so.
But Wei Xiaobei’s former power still left a deep impression on them, so if they were to resist Wei Xiaobei now, they would not be brave enough.
In this way, after the several chief priests looked at each other, they knelt down towards Wei Xiaobei respectfully.
Seeing the actions of the bosses, the remaining priests knelt down without any hesitation.
Next, several chief priests gathered Wei Xiaobei in the middle and welcomed him to the most luxurious hotel in the Holy City.
Of course, this so-called most luxurious hotel is actually a place for high-level church officials to enjoy themselves.
/Wei Xiaobei only needed to take a brief look at this to know this.
However, the next development of things left several chief priests feeling a little stunned.
Wei Xiaobei Fei did not blame the chief priests for the dirty things they had done in the past two years. Instead, he praised their efforts in spreading the belief in the Sun God.
Finally, when leaving, Wei Xiaobei actually gave a large number of real statues of gods, and asked these high priests to erect statues of gods in the newly developed cities, and even promoted two high priests in red and a group of high priests!
Is His Majesty the Pope really so magnanimous?
Until Wei Xiaobei left, the red-clothed chief priest and the chief priest could not react to His Majesty the Pope’s behavior.
Do you want to say that His Majesty the Pope is afraid of the huge power of his few in the Church of the Sun God, and is therefore taking a long-term view to catch big fish?
How can this be?
If that were the case, His Holiness should not have left.
Anyone who is good at maneuvering knows the consequences of being away from the center of power for an extended period of time.
Even the emperors of ancient China did not have many ministers who were afraid of them when they were not in charge of the government.
It even happens frequently that in some dynasties, only someone is known, but no one knows who the emperor is. This is the reason.
Well, it is difficult to correctly explain Wei Xiaobei’s behavior from the perspective of these high priests.
In the end, these chief priests could only think that His Majesty the Pope did not want to get involved in secular affairs.
Of course, in Wei Xiaobei’s view, these high priests’ struggle for power and profit were nothing but a joke in front of him.
Even if they completely evade themselves so that no believer knows who the Pope is, what does it matter?
What is Wei Xiaobei’s purpose in creating this belief in the sun god?
It provides a base that can continuously harvest divinity!
To put it bluntly, it is to buil