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robably the one from the Xuan Turtle Demon King that had affected him.

I must be incontinent.
This made Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but smile bitterly.
One thing that Wei Xiaobei has been proud of since he was a child is that a certain sphincter is relatively developed. Since he was six years old, he has never drawn a map on the sheets.
Unexpectedly, this time the ban was broken.
Fortunately, there was no one around, otherwise, I would have really lost my face this time.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei, who was so busy studying the rules of light and heat that he endured the pain, didn’t even notice that there were at least a dozen satellites in space aiming at this place with synthetic aperture radars, constantly transmitting the situation here to all around the world.
Well, those high-level officials from various countries who were watching probably didn’t notice Wei Xiaobei. After all, compared to the Xuan Turtle Demon King, Wei Xiaobei was too small, just like a flea on a human body. If you hadn’t already known, It is difficult to discover it accidentally.
here we go again!
Before Wei Xiaobei could recover from the state of losing control, he saw thunder brewing once again in the dark clouds in the sky.
/The Thunder brewing this time seems to be a little different from those before.
The size of the dark cloud is rapidly shrinking, and the blue light in its center is extremely dazzling!
In less than ten breaths, the dark clouds shrank to an area of ??less than ten square meters, and at this time, the thunder struck down!
Such a small size?
If Wei Xiaobei’s eyesight were not very strong, the falling thunder would have been easily ignored even though it was very dazzling.
At most, it’s only as thick as a finger!
But Wei Xiaobei could feel the destructive power contained in this thunder!
This should be the power of rules related to destruction in the real world!
Wei Xiaobei even had a premonition that if he was struck head-on by this thunderbolt, he would probably be knocked out of his wits.
At this time, the Xuan Turtle Demon King undoubtedly felt the power contained in this thunder. The huge turtle eyes revealed a look of determination, which gave Wei Xiaobei some confidence.
But the next moment, the Xuan Turtle Demon King turned to Wei Xiaobei for help: “Mr. Wei, remember to help me resist later.”
Help with some resistance?
/This thunderbolt doesn’t look very eye-catching, but its falling speed is far faster than all previous thunderbolts!
Before Wei Xiaobei could react, the thunderbolt had already landed on the head of the Xuan Turtle Demon King!
It seems that he was not attacked by thunder this time?
Wei Xiaobei didn’t know whether he should be happy or sorry, but the next moment, the corners of Wei Xiaobei’s eyes shrank.
After the thunderbolt landed on the head of the Xuan Turtle Demon King, it suddenly turned into a blue power grid with a little gold and poured down like a flood!
Wherever this blue power grid passes, everything is turned into coke!
Even when Wei Xiaobei saw the so