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i could clearly see what it was.

That’s an arm with a few fish scales!
There is no doubt that what this fish-headed man is eating is the arm of his own race.
Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei almost vomited.
As the saying goes, a tiger’s poison cannot eat its seeds.
The basic meaning of this sentence is that dogs will not eat dog meat, and people will not eat human flesh.
If this red line is exceeded, it can be called bestiality.
Any normal human being would feel sick to his stomach when seeing this scene.
Of course, this is much better than seeing people eating people.
After that, the fish-headed men appeared one by one from the small building. Finally, the three fish-headed men carried the corpses of the three fish-headed men out of the small courtyard and walked towards the other end of the street.
Perhaps these three already somewhat mutilated corpses of fish-headed men will become their food reserves.
The remaining four fish-headed men wandered around the streets again.
When they came to the canteen, they found the bodies of the two fish-headed men.
The fish-headed man captain seemed a little angry. He stood there and yelled, and then appointed two fish-headed men to carry the body and leave.
The captain and the remaining fish-headed man spread out and knocked on the door one by one, seemingly trying to find the murderer.
As for the fact that the murderer was able to kill five fish-headed men in a row, it didn’t seem to make these fish-headed men wary at all.
This undoubtedly gave Wei Xiaobei another chance.
Wei Xiaobei left the courtyard door ajar, leaving a small gap. When the fish-headed man knocked on the door, he opened the door with his left hand and hit the other man’s head with the wooden stick in his right hand.
/After smashing five fish-headed men, Wei Xiaobei became more proficient in using wooden sticks.
Just like that, the fish-headed man stood frozen on the spot. After that, Wei Xiaobei held the stick with both hands and smashed it down again.
There was a soft sound of broken bones. The fish-headed man could no longer stand and fell down. A crack appeared on the top of his head, constantly leaking brains and blood.
After killing the fish-headed man, Wei Xiaobei picked up the wooden stick on the ground, held the stick in both hands, and rushed towards the fish-headed man captain who had discovered him.
The fish-headed man captain was much stronger than ordinary fish-headed men. Wei Xiaobei rushed in front of it and struck down the wooden stick with his left hand, but was blocked by the fish-headed captain’s wooden stick.
The wooden stick in Wei Xiaobei’s right hand hit the fish-headed captain’s shoulder firmly.
What Wei Xiaobei never expected was that after the fish-headed captain was hit on the shoulder, his broad mouth opened and a jet of water sprayed towards Wei Xiaobei’s face.
Although it was a water column, Wei Xiaobei did not dare to neglect it and turned his head away as much as possible. But even so, the water column passed by Wei Xiaobei’s face in an instant.