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oo much.

So after dripping more than ten drops, Wei Xiaobei stopped and glanced over the mutated dock to check the changes in him.
There is no doubt that with the absorption of the volcanic rock man’s blood, some heat appeared in the mutated dock’s cold cement body.
It seems that the amount of blood absorption is not enough for the mutant dock.
Ten drops of blood were dripped towards the mutated dock again.
The heat in the mutated dock’s body has increased again, but compared to its entire body, it is just a spark in the night, seemingly extinguished at any time.
Wei Xiaobei had to check every ten drops of blood.
/As the blood continued to drip, the heat in the mutant dock’s body continued to increase. After Wei Xiaobei had dripped half of the blood, the mutant dock and even his body surface were faintly hot.
After communicating with the mutant dock and finding that there was nothing inappropriate about it, Wei Xiaobei simply poured the other half of the volcanic rock man’s blood directly onto the mutant dock.
For a moment, the earthy yellow liquid even burned on the surface of the mutated dock, but it was quickly absorbed by the mutated dock.
By this time, the part of the mutated dock that was soaked in seawater had begun to let out steam from the seawater.
Standing next to the mutated dock, Wei Xiaobei didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, but he could also feel that the body surface temperature of the mutated dock was continuing to rise.
70 degrees, 80 degrees, 90 degrees, 100 degrees
In the end, the surface temperature of the mutated dock suddenly rose to between 700 and 800. The part immersed in the seawater caused the seawater to bubble continuously, and a white mist continued to rise. On the beach, the surrounding sand They are all starting to turn red.
/Fortunately, this mutant dock did not fall into a deep sleep like the volcanic rock man. Instead, it seemed a little active, twisting its body curiously, and relying on its own ability to absorb the surrounding sand that was about to melt.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei looked at the mutated dock with his omniscience.
This mutated dock has indeed been promoted to a biological level, from a three-star ordinary to a three-star elite, and even its life breath is still slowly improving.
Its special ability includes a heat release.
This special ability is that the mutated dock can release heat and increase the body surface temperature to 750 degrees, but this temperature is the limit and cannot reach the level of forming magma.
In this case, Wei Xiaobei was not stingy at all, and immediately took out a stone heart from the storage ring.
This is the heart of a granite man. It is of high-quality quality and is considered to be the lowest quality among the granite men’s hearts.
There are a lot of these things in storage rings. Although it can improve a person’s strength and defense, due to its special petrification effect, Wei Xiaobei has no intention of promoting this thing to core disciples.
After all, the petrification effect is too lethal. If th