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s seemed so excited when Jerry came back.

You must know that on this small island, although there is no need to worry about food and drink, and safety is guaranteed, except for a few of them, there is no one to talk to.
Those guys basically don’t talk. If you want them to chat with you, the ending is to be locked in a cave by them.
This Jerry was embarrassed before, but now, in front of his colleagues, this Jerry is proud and proud.
From the time Wei Xiaobei dived into the sea and disappeared until Wei Xiaobei came back, which lasted more than two hours, Jerry’s mouth didn’t stop at all.
What about the phoenix fighting the mushroom monster, what about beating up the dwarf, and finally the scary fairy who can turn into a mouse, etc.
In short, Jerry felt that he would never find a time to brag so freely in his life.
You know, Jerry is not stupid. He has added many heroic deeds of his own to these stories.
Besides, I have seen mushroom monsters, dwarfs, and scary fairies with my own eyes!
Look, what’s in the eyes of that chick from Alamos?
Proper worship!
Hahaha, the other colleagues even looked envious and jealous.
So cool!
/With a crash, Wei Xiaobei rushed out of the sea water. After a few vigorous steps, he rushed onto the beach. With a slight shake of his body, all the sea water was shaken into white mist and dissipated in the air.
“What did you say?”
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but asked with a smile when he saw several intelligence officers surrounding Jerry.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei was in a good mood.
The grain blanket he threw into the sea before has expanded to an area of ??tens of thousands of square kilometers. The amount of starch collected by those white mist shrimps in the past few days is quite large, which can replenish 50% of the material reserves of the Altar of Life. !
This is not a small amount. You must know that the current material reserve limit of the Life Altar is 800,000!
In other words, the material reserves supplemented by these food blankets are 400,000.
Although the material reserve of the Life Altar has not been fully replenished, it is still enough for Wei Xiaobei to cultivate creatures.
“No, it’s nothing. Mr. Wei, do you have any instructions? Do you want to rest now?”
When Jerry heard Wei Xiaobei’s voice, it was as if a steel needle had been inserted into his butt. He jumped up with a swish, ran to Wei Xiaobei, nodded and bowed and asked.
Seeing this scene, the other intelligence officers were a little stunned.
You must know that this Jerry has been a thorn in the intelligence department in the past. Otherwise, it would not be Jerry’s turn to be the captain of this seemingly dangerous mission.
What is a thorn?
Unruly, conscientious in work, not flattering to superiors, contradicting leaders from time to time, showing his presence, etc.
In short, a thorn like this would not be too popular with leaders no matter where they are, especially in a highly disciplined intelligence service.
However, Jerry’s behavior at this time completely subverted his image in the mi