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Compared with the local investigation team, the Cuihu City investigation team is undoubtedly much higher level. Moreover, during this period, everyone knows that the Cuihu City investigation team is unparalleled and has made great achievements one after another.
Of course, the most important thing here is that Wei Xiaobei is too strong.
In the eyes of the investigation team leader, Wei Xiaobei’s strength was unfathomable. Just killing the winning fish and dragging it ashore with one hand was impossible for the entire investigation team to do.
Besides, even though half of the winning fish was gone, handing over the remaining half would probably be a big achievement. It was unavoidable that the investigation team leader was not attentive to Wei Xiaobei.
Until Wei Xiaobei said goodbye and left, the investigation team leader seemed to remember something. After returning to the office, he immediately entered the secret website and checked it out.
Afterwards, the investigation team leader looked at the screen and couldn’t help but feel lucky that he had not offended this man.
No.: 981-10931
Level: Unknown beyond extraordinary level three.
Introduction: This human organism is a master of Chinese martial arts, possesses electric energy, has unknown mysterious cooking methods, and has superb carving skills. He is now a senior consultant of the Cuihu City investigation team. He owns islands and other wealth overseas in Liusnia, and has a close relationship with Liusni. Prince Ya Er and others maintained a close relationship.
Attitude: Friendly.
Communication Guidance: When communicating with this human organism, no inappropriate attitude is allowed and humility must be maintained in order to maintain a friendly attitude.
A densely packed piece of content.
The investigation team leader immediately notified the investigation team in the next area and suggested that the other party be prepared in advance.
Well, Wei Xiaobei, who returned to Jianglun, never thought that his information had been archived in the so-called secret database.
Of course, those contents are just superficial things.
After all, even the special secret department of the parliament cannot conduct too many surveillance investigations on a strong man at this time. In that case, once Wei Xiaobei discovers it, it may be difficult to restore the relationship between the two parties. .
Of course, it can also be seen that as the ruler of a country, the parliament is somewhat afraid of strong men like Wei Xiaobei whose strength far exceeds that of ordinary people.
/Well, this is normal.
After all, regardless of Wei Xiaobei’s attributes, given Wei Xiaobei’s current martial arts level, if he causes any trouble, it will probably not be a trivial matter.
In front of the great master of Chinese martial arts, ordinary people are really too fragile.
As for Wei Xiaobei’s full strength, if Wei Xiaobei is now a walking miniature nuclear bomb, I am afraid no one will refute it.
After Wei Xiaobei chased and killed the winning fish, the river ship docked di