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he Federation’s intelligence agency as soon as he takes action.

It was not easy for the Divine Great World Intelligence Organization to deal with the extraordinary, but Viscount De Ward still ignored the operation.
In Viscount de Ward’s mind, even if the entire intelligence organization is sacrificed, Lord Arthur’s orders must be ensured to be carried out.
No one knows the power of Lord Arthur better than him. The power here is not just in terms of force. His obviously young body now represents that Lord Arthur has hidden special abilities, whether it is for power, honor, or life. , he will firmly hold Lord Arthur’s thigh.
/“Have you found out who did it?” When David heard the news, he couldn’t help but secretly rejoiced that he had made early preparations, and he asked in a deep voice.
“Under investigation, the results will be available soon!” Viscount De Ward replied confidently.
You must know that this is not the intelligence organization under Viscount de Ward that is investigating. The Alto Foundation, the Kerr Intelligence Organization, as well as the military and government intelligence organizations are all investigating. As long as any party has results, Viscount de Ward will Messages can be received.
Viscount De Ward has intelligence personnel in military and government intelligence organizations. As for the Erto Fund and the Kerr Intelligence Organization, they will regularly deliver messages to Lord Arthur through Viscount De Ward. This intelligence channel is Viscount de Ward was personally responsible.
“I will go to the battle star immediately and prepare a stowaway spaceship for me!” David ordered in a deep voice.
“Yes, Lord!” Viscount Deward’s pupils shrank and he replied loudly.
Viscount De Ward disconnected the contact circle, a look of horror flashed in his eyes. He had always guessed that Lord Arthur must have some identity in the Interstellar Federation.
In fact, through Lord Arthur’s various orders against the Federation during this period, he guessed Lord Arthur’s other identity in the Interstellar Federation. However, he was just guessing before, but now he is almost certain.
It is estimated that the news that Viscount De Ward knows will make the entire Federation go crazy if it reaches the Interstellar Federation.
However, Viscount De Ward would not do that. Instead, he needed to eliminate as many clues as possible for Lord Arthur to make Lord Arthur’s identity in the Federation more secretive.
“Who would have thought that the ‘Federal God of War’ and the ‘Invincible Knight’ would be the same person!” Viscount Deward murmured in a very low voice.
Viscount de Ward is a professional intelligence manager and has been running an intelligence organization for many years. David didn’t even intentionally hide it from him, so he would have noticed.
Perhaps in the view of Viscount De Ward, this news is extremely important to Lord Arthur, but Viscount De Ward misjudged Lord Arthur’s strength. With Lord Arthur’s strength, he would not let go of these worldly matters. in the eyes.
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