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Andre and Zhu Xinyi are responsible for guarding the home island on behalf of Huang Kunzhen, and they need the next batch to enter the gray world.
Seeing Wei Xiaobei’s figure, Huang Kun, who woke up from his deep sleep, breathed a sigh of relief.
Compared with the familiar gray world of Cuihu City, the gray world of Weijia Island is undoubtedly a strange place.
Huang Kun’s current biological level is already two-star terrifying, which is infinitely close to three-star ordinary. He only needs a good opportunity to break through, and his true strength has exceeded three-star ordinary.
For a young man who has just turned fifteen, this level of strength is already quite good.
Therefore, Huang Kun was not afraid when he arrived in such a strange place. He was worried about the core disciples.
After all, most of these core disciples were trained by me and Zhu Xinyi hand in hand. If they were easily lost in a strange place, it would be a big loss.
So after meeting Wei Xiaobei, Huang Kun knew that at least the safety here was guaranteed.
Of course, the strongest of these core disciples are already two-star elites, and the weakest are also one-star elites. There is no need for Wei Xiaobei to be a nanny like he did back then.
“Everyone follow me.”
Wei Xiaobei nodded, and everyone came in. Then he gave a few instructions, mainly emphasizing not to move towards the desert.
/Afterwards, Wei Xiaobei turned around and walked towards the beach. Huang Kun hurriedly called out to the core disciples to follow him.
Well, not letting these core disciples go over to the desert is entirely for their own sake.
Although Wei Xiaobei and Ao Yan have a good relationship, it doesn’t mean that Ao Yan will feel good when he sees these core disciples. He might burn them to ashes with a puff of dragon flame.
You must know that for a true dragon, its transformation period is extremely fragile, so when encountering outsiders, its temperament will become extremely violent, and it is normal to kill a few ants casually.
Arriving at the beach, Wei Xiaobei designated the mutant dock area as a restricted area and allowed everyone to explore on their own without saying much.
After all, these core disciples have their own experience in the gray world, and Wei Xiaobei will not be a nanny. The environment here is safe enough.
If problems still occur despite this, it means they have received too little training and need more training.
Seeing Wei Xiaobei heading towards the mutated dock, the core disciples immediately looked at the area curiously.
I have to say that the beach here is more beautiful than the real Weijia Island. The golden sand on the beach is so fine that several core disciples couldn’t help but reach out and grab a handful.
However, this beach looks beautiful, but it is not without dangers.
“Ouch! My hand is caught.”
One of the core disciples was probably unlucky. He reached out to a crab hiding in the gravel and was caught by the crab’s pincers. He screamed in pain.
“If you see it put on the beach, it