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Buddhist scripture.

After studying for more than half an hour, Wei Xiaobei roughly understood some of the Sanskrit words on it.
Well, this is a Vajra Prajnaparamita Sutra, referred to as the Diamond Sutra, which contains the important ideas of the fundamental Prajna of Mahayana Buddhism.
The so-called Prajna means wisdom, ultimate wisdom, and great wisdom in Sanskrit.
After reading the Vajra Prajnaparamita Sutra from front to back, Wei Xiaobei probably understood some of the meaning.
This Buddhist scripture mainly reveals the essence of wisdom in the form of questions and answers between the Buddha and his disciples.
In other words, the status and significance of the Diamond Sutra in Buddhism are almost the same as the Analects of Confucius in Confucianism.
Before Wei Xiaobei could recall the questions and answers in the Diamond Sutra, his brows couldn’t help but rise, and he felt happy.
It turned out that just after reading the Diamond Sutra, Wei Xiaobei noticed changes in the attribute panel.
After the language skill, a branch skill Sanskrit appeared!
Languages ??(Chinese (proficient), English (proficient), French (proficient), Spanish (proficient), Danish (proficient), Western Divine Language (slightly proficient), Sanskrit (slightly proficient)).
In terms of his basic Sanskrit proficiency, Wei Xiaobei was just about the same as being able to speak everyday language. He couldn’t understand or speak slightly more in-depth words.
Well, for Wei Xiaobei, this problem is not a problem.
After looking at the evolution points, there are still 1851 points.
His attention was immediately focused on Sanskrit, and after spending 200 evolution points, the Sanskrit went from a basic knowledge to a proficiency.
Later, it became much easier for Wei Xiaobei to read the Diamond Sutra. However, after reading the Diamond Sutra several times, Wei Xiaobei was a little confused and seemed to be unable to understand some parts.
You must know that you are already proficient in Sanskrit!
On the attribute panel, the language skill has reached proficiency, which can basically be said to be the level of language teaching in that country.
Well, the property panel is so powerful!
Having reached a level of proficiency in Sanskrit, you are actually unable to understand all the Buddhist scriptures?
This is a bit of a joke.
The words Shi Yanming said immediately touched Wei Xiaobei’s confused thoughts.
Then, Wei Xiaobei opened his eyes without thinking, and his gaze fell on the Buddhist scriptures.
Name: Vajra Prajnaparamita Sutra (immortal product)
Introduction: This is the first draft written by five monks under Sakyamuni. It is said that the monks copied it in ancient Sanskrit. It is made of Beiduo leaves, so this kind of Buddhist scriptures are called Beiye Sutras. Note that this thing has To unlock the magical power of Buddha, you need to be able to fully understand the scriptures.
Effect one:? ? ?
/Effect two:? ? ?
Effect three:? ? ?
Immortal product!
Wei Xiaobei almost screamed.
I have to say that this was beyond