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000 years, isn’t it? Did you prove my crime?”

He was so angry that he yelled at God, scolded God for being unfair, and scolded villains for causing trouble.
Xu Ying stood aside, waiting quietly for him to vent.
/After a long time, Liu Guanyi suddenly knelt on the ground and cried loudly. He cried for a long time, still choking and sobbing.
Seeing this scene from a distance, the disciples of Shiquan Taoist Sect did not dare to come forward. Their ancestor seemed to be a scholar, but in fact he was indulgent and indulgent, never restrained his Taoist heart, and released his emotions wantonly.
They have long been accustomed to their ancestor’s strange behavior.
Liu Guanyi stood up and sneered: “Back then, Qingxuan was the Immortal Emperor, and Qingxuan acted as the master to free me. Now that he is dead, I will deny the crime of exile! From now on, I will be innocent.” The body of sin! Don’t even think about trapping me in the human world! Xu Ying, do you want to go with me?”
Seeing that his mood had stabilized, Xu Ying said, “Brother Dao, don’t worry, I can leave the human world when I pass the tribulation and ascend.”
Liu Guanyi shook his head and said: “You will never be able to repair the way of heaven in the human world, and you will never be able to ascend. You don’t know the horror of the human world.”
Xu Ying humbly asked for advice: “Brother Taoist, what is so scary about the human world?”
“Come with me.”
Liu Guanyi’s figure floated up, “I’ll take you to see the horrors of the human world.”
Xu Ying stepped forward and followed Liu Guanyi.
He was a little puzzled. Liu Guanyi was obviously not proficient in the way of heaven in the human world, so how did he use Taoism and magical powers in the human world?
Before Xu Ying’s arrival, the way of heaven in the human world was extremely weak, and the way of heaven did not exist in most places. Logically speaking, Taoism and magical powers should not be able to be used. For example, when Xu Ying came here, except for martial arts and Taiyi Shenqiao, all other Taoist and magical powers fell into silence.
He is in harmony with the Dao of Heaven and Earth, and can then use Taoism.
Liu Guanyi obviously has not repaired the way of heaven in the human world, nor has he been consistent with the way of heaven. There is only one explanation for his ability to use Taoism and supernatural powers.
“His cultivation is so strong that he is in a world of his own!” Xu Ying thought to himself.
Only those beings with extremely high cultivation and Taoism, such as Daluo Jinxian, can retain part of their strength in the alien world!
For example, when the Dao Weeping broke out, Tianjun suffered numerous casualties, but Daluo Jinxian was able to survive. For example, Erlang Zhenjun and the Great God of Santan Haihui survived the Tao Cry, although their strength was greatly damaged.
“Is Brother Liu Dao the Great Luo Jinxian?”
“Back then, he followed Qingxuan, who created the Supreme Realm. Could it be that he also cultivated the Supreme Realm? Is he a Supreme-level exist