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around Wei Xiaobei, and the giant bull’s skeleton beneath him also turned into a charred black.

Wei Xiaobei stabbed the skull hard with the tip of the gun, and a large piece of the charred skull immediately broke into pieces.
There is no doubt that under the action of plasma, even the twice-strengthened bones cannot withstand this kind of damage, and their hard properties have changed.
But what made Wei Xiaobei a little dumbfounded was that when he used a big gun to smash a large piece of the skull of the giant bull skeleton, he found that there was a layer of warm jade-like bones under the skull, and this jade-like bone had other It’s even harder than the skull above!
A big gun can only poke a small hole in it. It is several times more difficult to pierce it than a skull!
The previous plasma failed to kill the giant bull with one hit, but only paralyzed it. As Wei Xiaobei’s big gun kept poking it, the giant bull’s skeleton began to shake, and it was about to wake up.
To be honest, for Wei Xiaobei, this was considered a small desperate situation.
The electric energy had just burst out, and after a while, the state of total weakness would come, and the extreme hunger would cause Wei Xiaobei to lose most of his combat effectiveness.
Wei Xiaobei touched the small treasure bag with his left hand, and then a gun tip appeared in Wei Xiaobei’s hand.
This is the accompanying gun head produced every week by the twin effect before the White Mist Gun evolved.
Although the twin effect is now due to the evolution of the big gun, it has been transformed into producing a companion big gun every month, but Wei Xiaobei has never consumed these companion gun heads, so there are a total of three companion guns in the little treasure bag. head.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t know whether this accompanying gun tip could be used on the evolved White Mist Divine Power Spear, but at this point, even if it was a gamble, he had to take a gamble.
After all, the White Mist Divine Power Spear has not been a full month since it evolved, and there are no accompanying guns.
Grabbing the flashing spear head, Wei Xiaobei slapped it on top of the white mist divine spear.
/As the gun head approached, a layer of light white mist immediately appeared on the barrel of the white mist divine power gun, like an octopus extending its tentacles, wrapping around the gun head.
/The accompanying gun tip immediately turned into a white light, and the tentacles extended along the white mist penetrated into the big gun.
Wei Xiaobei’s right hand holding the big gun couldn’t help but tremble. As the accompanying gun head merged into the big gun, Wei Xiaobei could clearly feel that the big gun became sharper and the gun barrel became more tough.
Divine power activated!
Wei Xiaobei suddenly felt that the muscles in his whole body were filled with explosive power as a warm current poured into his body from the barrel of the gun.
Looking at the attribute panel, Wei Xiaobei found that his main attribute of strength had been shockingly increased from 40 points