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“Don’t worry, I gave him twenty-four hours to guess where we are. It’s only been five hours now, so it must be very early.”
“You’re really boring too.”
“You can’t say that. I did this for a purpose. Let him spend a lot of time studying our position, so that he can consume his energy. By the time he gets here, he will be mentally and physically exhausted. We It will be easier to deal with him.” Fang Jingtang was smiling, a very cunning smile.
“But you think too much. It won’t take much time to find you.” A voice came from far away, it was Wei Renwu.
Fang Jingtang’s expression changed drastically. He and his five men all turned around to see Wei Renwu walking over in big strides.
“You’re finally here.” Yue Ming, who was tied to the chair, finally felt a little more relaxed.
/Fang Jingtang said coldly: “Mr. Wei, it was indeed beyond my expectation. I didn’t expect you to find us in only five hours.”
Wei Renwu stood in front of him and said nonchalantly: “In fact, it only took me an hour to estimate where you are. It took me so long to come here because I didn’t have breakfast at that time. I was a little hungry, so I went to eat.” After breakfast, I thought that I needed to be more solemn when I came to see you, so I went home and took a shower.”
“Oh? Mr. Wei, please tell me, how did you discover our location?”
“It’s very simple. You painted the car black with black ink first. After arresting Yue Ming, you immediately cleaned the ink and changed the license plate. It was originally difficult to trace, but the residual smell of the ink was too strong, so, I asked the business owners passing by if they smelled the pungent smell of ink, so I could determine your whereabouts. Then I discovered that although you deliberately took some detours, the direction was towards Pixian County. Recalling that Li Xuanran was caught by us here, I estimate that there is a high chance that you will end the matter here, which can be regarded as an explanation for the dead Li Xuanran.”
Having said this, Yue Ming took a closer look at the surrounding environment. It was indeed the place where they caught Li Xuanran. No wonder he felt a little familiar. It was just that it was dark that night and he couldn’t remember the entire abandoned factory. That’s why he Unrecognizable.
“Bah bang bang.” Fang Jingtang clapped his hands and praised: “Mr. Wei is indeed well-deserved. What you said is absolutely right. Lao Li and I were good friends, so I chose the place where he died.”
“I’m afraid they are more than just friends!” When Wei Renwu said these words, Fang Jingtang felt as if a needle had been stabbed in his heart.
Wei Renwu continued: “You have transparent nail polish on your fingernails, and you also put on eyeliner and lipstick appropriately. And when you saw me, your eyes were quite strange. That kind of eyes was definitely not a normal man looking at another person.” A normal man, if I guess correctly, you should be – ‘bent’.”
Fang Jingtang’s face turned pale. Yue Ming almost burst out laughing when he heard thi