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and domineering connotations he gathered in Chu Weiyang.

So, between the electric light and stone fire, the black and yellow iron rod was danced by the Taoist between the six arms. Suddenly, at this moment, it was carried by the strong wind, the black and yellow storm, the thunder and the sacrificial fire, and was slashing After cutting off the three charms that caused the virtual appearance of Baijie Yunfang, it only turned into a raging storm torrent, spreading straight towards the figures of the three people.
At the same time, Chu Weiyang’s cold and ghostly voice reached the three of them first.
“Why, after leaving the Two Realms Heaven and the Nine Chambers Realm of Baoxian, this hyena has also learned to bar its teeth at its master? Do you want to devour the master? The hiding place of this remnant of the old cultivator has not yet been found. You want to mess up the whole situation first? Who gave you the courage!
Evil beast!
ah! Yeah yeah got it! Are you delusional and want to escape to the Yuping Realm of the Shangqing Dynasty? Yes, the two worlds that come from the same source can be either here or there. No matter which side you are on, they can teach you, the unsteady beasts, to have thoughts!
What a truly evil beast that betrays the Lord! It’s just tearing a hole, and it just teaches you to stay away from the two worlds and set up such a situation. You don’t have to put any effort into trying it. All your evil thoughts will be exposed!
explain! Who instigated you! Or do you all think this way? Or maybe you, the hyenas from the Nine Chambers of Treasure Immortal Realm, have already thought about rebelling! ”
At this moment, Chu Weiyang’s cold questioning voice almost exploded like thunder, and then spread far in all directions.
Arrogant and unruly.
At this moment, Chu Weiyang looked around in all directions, his scarlet eyes almost bursting with fire, and his eyes full of violent anger and ferocious murderous thoughts looked at everyone in the distant sky who could He was identified by Chu Weiyang as a monk from the Nine Chambers of Baoxian.
Chu Weiyang seemed to have no idea that he was surrounded by hyenas. On the contrary, at this moment, Chu Weiyang seemed to still have no fear. He wanted to write down all the revealed figures one after another, and after understanding the situation in front of him, After the incident, come to account one by one.
In an instant, a certain subtle emotion spread across the sky.
/It seemed that all the cultivators were more or less shocked by the Taoist’s words.
But Chu Weiyang understands that this threat originating from the core is like a tight string. In a place that is really far away from the two worlds, if you are not careful, this string will break. To break apart, Chu Weiyang needed to give them hope of another way while their hearts were throbbing.
However, just when Chu Weiyang’s words were spoken, the figures of the three people appeared nearby in the raging storm. Then, one of them showed the most ferocious animal appearance, which w