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After noticing the direction of the barrage and Zheng Jing’s ugly face, commentator Qin Zhou tried his best to smile: “We must believe in the players and the coach. We need everyone’s support in the next game.”
They are all from Qinzhou.
Everyone will feel uncomfortable.
But what can be done?
The power of Zhongzhou is simply disappointing!
What is even more unacceptable to the people of Qin is that the music level of other continents is also quite good.
These continents have all shown a certain degree of competitiveness, and they seem to be no weaker than Qinzhou, the hometown of music!
Is the hometown of music really not worthy of its reputation?
Could it be that over the past few years, Qinzhou has been surpassed by other continents without realizing it?
The first day of competition is over.
The people of Qinzhou felt heavy.
“If this continues in the days to come, the name of Music City will become a complete joke.”
“It’s understandable to lose to Zhongzhou, but the results are not even as good as Weizhou and Hanzhou, which is really uncomfortable.”
“Not a single gold medal.”
“I thought I would get at least one gold medal today. After all, the bel canto category has six competitions.”
“I don’t have the courage to watch tomorrow’s game.”
“I originally thought that our Qinzhou was only a little worse than Zhongzhou, but Lan Lehui knocked me awake all of a sudden.”
“It turns out that Qinzhou music is not as strong as we thought.”
Many Qin people are sighing, full of regrets.
However, many Qin people held their breath, thinking that Qinzhou would be proud and proud later.
Those contestants in the Bel Canto group who failed to achieve good results were also full of self-blame and apologized to the people of their continent through official platforms.
Facing this circumstances.
Although many people in Qin were still in a very low mood, they still chose to cheer for the players.
Some Qin people did not accept it and angrily criticized the singer in the comment area.
For example, in the comment section of bel canto contestant Wei Haoyun’s blog, there were a lot of hateful messages.
“You have the nerve to post a post after losing the game?”
“How dare you sign up for three bel canto competitions?”
“If you can’t do it, give up the competition spot to someone who is really capable!”
“I knew you would do something bad!”
“There must be something fishy about all the Yu Dynasty being included in the squad. Their level is simply not good enough!”
All right.
In fact, losing singers from every continent have encountered similar situations.
Win and blow.
Squirt if you lose.
Even compared to other players in Qinzhou, Wei Yuanyun’s performance is already considered excellent.
the other side.
Core coaching staff.
The air is a bit oppressive.
Each head coach has his or her own primary responsibility.
/“is my problem.”
Head coach Chen Hexuan was ashamed to speak.
Chen Hexuan is basically in charge of the bel canto group. He