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remely high level!

Not even just the music scene.
Even in the hearts of ordinary Qinzhou people, Xianyu’s status is not what it used to be!
After all, all he had achieved before were personal achievements, but this time he was fighting on behalf of Qinzhou!
These gains are already huge for Lin Yuan.
At this point in the competition, half of the Lan Le Club has passed, and Lin Yuan has produced more than half of his works.
For the next four consecutive days of competition, Lin Yuan had no events.
However, the intensity of the competition has not been compromised at all, but has become more intense.
Lu Sheng
Yin Dong
Zheng Jing
Ye Zhiqiu
Several music dads from the core coaching staff of Qinzhou have also achieved extremely outstanding results. They have used their strength to prove that even without Xianyu, the strength of the hometown of music cannot be underestimated.
And in these days of competition.
Of course the singers of Fish Dynasty also have projects, after all, many of them participated in more than one competition.
However, Yu Dynasty did not win any new gold medals.
For example, in the male and female duet competition, Zhao Yingchun and Chen Zhiyu participated.
Two players who had won the championship in individual events before, but only won the runner-up in this event together, brought back a silver medal for Qinzhou.
This is normal.
The game itself is full of suspense.
Fish Dynasty singers such as Zhao Yingchun and Chen Zhiyu are indeed very strong, but they are not strong enough to crush all their opponents. Moreover, this competition is also affected by various factors.
But Fei Yang is still terrifying!
This guy has participated in four events and has now completed three events, winning all three gold medals!
Even Lu Sheng joked:
Fei Yang had been tortured by Xianyu before the Blue Music Club and became the top king.
In addition, Shu Yu’s performance was also remarkable. He also participated in four events and finally won two gold medals and two silver medals.
in this process.
Yang Zhongming and Abigail took action respectively.
The level of these two head coaches is still invincible. They get a gold medal every time they make a move. They are all crushing games.
The two never met.
This makes many netizens who are looking forward to the peak showdown between Yang Zhongming and Abigail at the Blue Music Club very regretful.
More than half of the Blue Games schedule has passed.
The situation of the gold medal rankings in each continent has become completely clear.
Zhongzhou: 28 gold medals
Qinzhou: 22 gold medals
Weizhou: 7 gold medals
South Korea: 6 gold medals
Qizhou: 5 gold medals
Chuzhou: 4 gold medals
Yanzhou: 3 gold medals
Zhao Zhou: 3 gold medals
It can be seen from the gold medal list that the Blue Music Club evaluates that six gold medals will be born every day, and the strongest performer is still Zhongzhou!
But Qinzhou is not bad either.
Only six gold medals less than Zhongzhou.
/The number of gold medals in the next six continents is v