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This time grandpa and grandma were also stunned.
The sweet articulation is actually refreshing.
The parents next to them looked at each other and stopped watching the Qizhou Spring Festival Gala. They switched the channel directly to Zhongzhou.
The quality of the Spring Festival Gala is still good!
It was tuned to Zhongzhou Channel, but it was a dance program.
The young man Xiao Zhong couldn’t help but said: “This is the Qinzhou Spring Festival Gala!”
The family was stunned and immediately changed to the Qinzhou Spring Festival Gala.
Although I missed a section, the charm of this song still bloomed on the Spring Festival Gala stage!
“I’ve seen you in my dreams
Sweet smile is so sweet
It’s you~it’s you~it’s you I dream about
Where have I seen you?
Your smile is so familiar
I can’t remember at the moment
Grandpa clapped his hands happily: “This is called singing!”
Grandma also smiled from ear to ear: “When we were young, we would especially like this kind of song, but you young people may not like it.”
“Who said that!”
My sister said: “I like it very much, especially ‘Ah~ In a dream’. This part is so sweet. It seems that it is not singing, but like a little girl suddenly realizing something. It feels very cute and innocent!”
Xiao Zhong sighed: “Jiang Kui is a true goddess!”
Blue Star people don’t know Teresa Teng exists.
But Jiang Kui had a somewhat similar charm at this moment.
Jiang Kui is no one’s shadow, she has her own style.
The freshness in her voice has captured countless people before this song.
The difference is that this song has the power to capture people’s hearts. It is so simple, but it makes people fascinated.
Mom agreed: “This song is really good!”
Dad said: “Let’s just watch the Qinzhou Spring Festival Gala first, and then switch to other channels when it doesn’t look good.”
within a certain community.
Yang Zhongming sat in front of the TV.
Next to him was his friend Zheng Jing.
There were various foods and beers placed in front of the two of them, and the Spring Festival Gala was on the TV.
From Qinzhou.
Zheng Jing smiled and said: “This song “Because of Love” will become popular soon, and it is very suitable to be sung on the Spring Festival Gala stage.”
“I like this one better.”
Yang Zhongming spoke, listening to “Sweet Honey” in his ears.
Zheng Jing laughed: “You just like the kind of simple but addictive songs, but this song is really good. People of my parents’ generation should especially like this kind of tune.”
“It seems that Xiao Yuer’s Spring Festival Gala was pretty good.”
“This is just the beginning. I feel there will be surprises later. He is not an anticlimax.”
Conversation room.
The two continued to watch.
There are many viewers like Yang Zhongming and Zheng Jing, and they have already locked in on the Qinzhou Spring Festival Gala.
However, there are also many people like the Xiao Zhong family above who transferred to Qinzhou TV Station for some reasons.
This group of people b