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ianyu was just a newcomer to the film and television industry.

No matter how successful the other person is in the music industry, whether he can succeed in film and television is two completely different things.
However, with the success of several of Xianyu’s movies, his colleagues no longer dare to underestimate him. Many people are subconsciously paying attention to the situation of this movie. As a result, many people in the industry are happy to see this. :
“The heroine?”
“Xing Mang is completely at odds with Tribe. Didn’t Tribe film “Female Blade”, which also has a heroine? Do you think Tribe will use that 700 million-dollar movie to snipe Xing Mang?”
“Hard to say.”
“The martial arts drama of Tribe was beaten to pieces by Xingguang. Now that I meet Xianyu, I’m afraid I will feel guilty.”
“This fish is indeed evil.”
“However, I feel that the movie Tribe can completely suppress Xingguang. The movie Xianyu chooses zombies as the entry point. The horror elements are not enough at all. But if it is not a horror movie, why bother with the zombie gimmick?”
“A horror movie without supernatural ghosts, I’m afraid I want to take the plasma route.”
“This kind of route is not popular. It is too niche, and the scale is easily restricted. If the tribe studies the situation a little bit, they should know what to do next. This is a good opportunity for them to take revenge.”
The assistant looked at Xingmang’s latest news with excitement: “Minister, our chance for revenge has come!”
Ling Kong frowned.
Lingkong was naturally tempted when he saw the news that Xingmang was going to make a movie with a female protagonist.
Because he has a film called “The Blade” that has been completed, with a total investment of 700 million!
No matter from any angle, this movie seems to be more marketable than the “Resident Evil” filmed by Starlight.
Ling Kong, the heroine of “Resident Evil” also knows.
/The female lead in “The Female Blade” was originally ordered to be kicked out of the crew.
Logically speaking, “Female Blade” should be able to easily cut such an opponent.
But Ye Lingkong didn’t know why, his eyelids kept twitching, and he always felt a little uneasy.
This made him feel a little uneasy, so he didn’t snipe at the opponent without hesitation as usual.
/Am I afraid of being beaten by three gay friends?
Feeling a little depressed, Lingkong suddenly gritted his teeth and said:
“Then prepare to set the schedule. We will use “Female Blade” to snipe Xing Mang for revenge. If they dare to use TV series to actively provoke them, we will use movies to win back the face lost by the TV industry!”
The next day.
Tribe’s new movie “The Blade” has started promotion mode and is also scheduled to be released at the end of this month!
Tribe has just released the movie news of “The Blade”, and the industry has shown a tacit smile.
at the same time.
Netizens also instantly understood the tribe’s thoughts:
The martial arts TV series invested by Tribe were targeted by Xing Mang before. This time