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“Watch “Net King”?”
The crowd suddenly became lively.
Seeing that his editors were still looking at a loss, the editor-in-chief had never typed so hard: “Yin Lan can dig out a hit like “King of the Internet”, why can’t you? Next, please promote more sports for me. Competitive novel!”
The crowd fell silent.
Sports and competitive novels, a hit?
Are you sure the editor-in-chief didn’t make a mistake?
“Watch it tonight.”
The editors of Dingsheng replied in the group.
As for the idea of ​​”did the editor-in-chief make a mistake somewhere?”, of course, they only dare to think about it in their hearts, and no one dares to say it out loud.
after get off work.
The editors of Dingsheng went to the bookstore confused, but were shocked to find that the signs at the door of major bookstores had similar slogans.
The slogan reads:
“The “King of Internet” in this bookstore has been sold out. The supply will be replenished tomorrow. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.”
Sold out?
The bookstore also has a special slogan?
At this moment, Dingsheng editors faintly realized that something was wrong!
Because the bookstore can put up a special slogan to show that there are many readers who want to buy “The King of Nets”, this is a treatment only given by popular books!
/Is this book a hit?
One of the editors at the peak looked at his colleagues in surprise: “Have you heard of any examples of sports and competitive novels becoming popular?”
The colleague thought for a long time, finally shook his head, and then uttered four words decisively: “Unprecedented!”
Bookstores are the indicator of sales.
Bookstores always know best what books are popular and what books are not!
And with the close relationship between major publishers and bookstores, it is not difficult to know the sales status of “King of the Internet”.
So, the next few days!
The entire industry’s attention is focused on this book and the author of this work, Chu Kuang!
“I didn’t expect that.”
Even experienced editors in many industries have exclaimed: “Sports and competition themes can actually sell such high sales.”
“This new novelist named Chu Kuang has proved one thing with “King of Nets”. As long as the writing is good, sports and competition themes can also produce results!”
“Is this a mountain monster?”
“It’s not that no one has written about sports and competitive themes, but no one has ever written about them popularly. According to industry standards, whoever writes about a theme that becomes popular is the pioneer of this theme, so there is nothing wrong with this statement.”
“In the future, there should be many novelists who follow the trend and write about sports competitions. Even these people will recognize Chu Kuang’s status as the pioneer of sports competitions.”
Not just the editorial circle.
There is also a very high degree of discussion about “The King of Nets” in the reader circle. Posts about this book can be seen in many novel