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ut that the mermaid might be Jiang Kui, Lin Yuan quite agreed.

He had doubts before.
So it may be a coincidence that many singers I know also came to participate in “The King of Masked Singer”!
Netizens talked about competing for favor in the harem, but Lin Yuan had no feeling at all. Netizens like to make jokes.
Lin Yuan also knew this.
When he released the trailer for a new book in the Sherlock Holmes series, he was even called a “scumbag” by book fans.
Is Lin Yuan a scumbag?
/Of course Lin Yuan is not, Antarctica is.
Lin Yuan has recently noticed that Anji often walks around the community and plays with different dogs.
He even suspected that Anji had snatched someone else’s girlfriend’s dog
Because one day, he clearly saw a dog lying on Antarctica.
Xiao Huang next to
Just a stray dog ​​in the community
This name was given by Dayao Yao.
At that time, Xiao Huang ran over happily with a bone in his mouth, but when he saw Anji lying on the dog, he was stunned.
In the end, the bones were gone, and Xiao Huang turned around and ran away, feeling very sad.
But this was Antarctica’s private matter, and Lin Yuan couldn’t handle it.
Shaking his head, Lin Yuan no longer paid attention to the Internet and the show, but took advantage of the sunshine and opened his laptop.
He’s going to write a Sherlock Holmes series!
Regarding the writing order of Sherlock Holmes, Lin Yuan thought about it for a long time last night.
Finally, Lin Yuan decided to start with “A Study of Letters in Scarlet”.
This novel focuses on Holmes’s “basic deduction method”!
The so-called basic deduction method is the fundamental basis for Holmes to judge the case.
It gives people a very divine feeling.
However, this thing will become more reasonable after Holmes’s own explanation.
/With this part of the content, the image of Sherlock Holmes can be initially established.
It is worth mentioning that
In fact, Holmes does not consider himself a detective. He likes to introduce himself as a “detective consultant.”
In other words:
When the detectives encountered a problem they couldn’t solve, they came to Holmes for advice.
It seems that this further illustrates the power of Holmes. Other detectives will only look for Holmes when they can’t solve it. Doesn’t it mean that the detectives think Holmes is more powerful than them?
This design is quite cool.
However, although Holmes advertises himself as a detective consultant, most of the cases described in the novel were solved by Holmes himself as a detective.
in addition.
Holmes’s assistant, Dr. Watson, met Holmes in “A Study in Scarlet” and became his partner.
Think so.
Lin Yuan started typing on the keyboard.
At the same time that Lin Yuan began to concentrate on writing the Sherlock Holmes series.
The fact that the little dinosaur loves to eat fish has an increasing impact on the fish singer’s identity reveal on the “King of Masked Singer” program.
More and more people agree with the hypothesis that small dinosaurs love to eat fish!
At the same time, every