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cutive championships, but starting from scratch, I believe that Fish Daddy can truly achieve three consecutive championships in the future!”

“Obviously I hate chicken soup songs the most, but when I listen to this song, I don’t feel disgusted. Maybe the world will always need simple warmth to comfort people. I believe that this song is not only to encourage myself, but also to An encouragement to everyone who hears this song.”
“When I listen to this song during the Chinese New Year, I suddenly feel that all the bad things last year are nothing.”
“Start all over again and wish everyone “good luck”!”
“The business failed, I owed a lot of debt, and my girlfriend left me because of it. I worked hard for six years, but in the end I still had nothing. Although I have been sad and resentful, I have never been afraid or accepted it. The worst I can do is beg for food, and I will not die. He will eventually come out, let’s start all over again together!”
“My life was not that rough, but the year I failed the college entrance examination, I did have to start over from scratch.”
“I suddenly fell ill when I was close to success in my career. I was bedridden and suffered a mental breakdown. I spent a year in a daze. Now I am alone in a strange city, surrounded by people, and starting all over again. After all, this is the only way I can think of to solve the problem. ”
It wasn’t just Du Wei who was touched by this song.
In fact, there are many people in this world who have the same experience and similar emotions.
This is “Start Over” by Xianyu.
But it’s not just Xianyu’s “starting over”.
And within Xianyu’s fan base.
After listening to the song, the fans were a little emotional.
/“Xianyu can write even the simplest songs so intoxicatingly.”
But outside the comments section.
Some people on the Internet questioned:
“How do I feel that this song is not a self-encouragement from Father Fish, but a song for countless people who are experiencing failures and setbacks?”
“After all, for Fish Daddy, this failure is a pity, but it’s not to the point where we need to start all over again, right?”
“Is this making a fuss out of a molehill?”
“Father Fish, this wave is more fragile than I thought. Did he fail to break the defense for the third time in a row?”
Someone soon explained:
“Have you forgotten how Xianyu got terminally ill and lost his voice and had to become a songwriter?”
“For Xianyu, giving up singing and learning to compose is like starting over from scratch.”
“This is just a song, and the song will be artistically processed. What’s more, everyone knows Xianyu’s previous situation.”
“Changing careers as a songwriter is like starting over from scratch; singing on the stage of The Masked Singer is also starting over from scratch.”
Everyone was stunned.
“I’ll go and forget about this”
“If it’s referring to those past events, this song couldn’t be more appropriate.”
“It turns out that the so-called starting all over again refers to more than just the battle of the gods.”
“Of course not, that’s