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three magical fruit trees.

It seems to have been established in ancient times, and it seems that the process of familiarity has triggered an extremely numerous collision between the magical powers, and then allowed its own body to naturally deduce all kinds of mysterious essence and applications.
Perhaps, it’s both.
It was almost like a trance and a dream, which made Chu Weiyang seem to be a person who had been immersed in the application of magical power scriptures for many years.
And it is precisely because of such changes that Chu Weiyang has such a sophisticated and graceful understanding and application of the Gods Tong Sutra. When Chu Weiyang understands the various ways and Dharmas, The wonderful thing that appeared, then opened his eyes again and looked at the Ancient Qiankun Tree in front of him.
On the ancient tree, the aura shone with more dazzling glory than before, but for Chu Weiyang, the changes on the ancient tree of Qiankun were just that, and more massive and majestic auras were still inside the ancient tree. medium precipitation.
/From the beginning to the end, the thickness itself prevented Chu Weiyang from leveraging the aura at all.
However, the understanding of the essence of aura allowed Chu Weiyang at this moment to have a closer contact with the ancient tree of heaven and earth than the furnace of Taoism.
After all, there are no other two opponents in the ancient tree who are exploring the path to transcendence in a life-and-death battle.
The ancient trees just hang here like this.
The moment Chu Weiyang revealed the charm of the three elements of his body’s essence, energy, and spirit in the mysterious realm of spiritual void, through the connection between each other’s understanding of the essence of the soul, Chu Weiyang immediately connected with Qiankun. The ancient trees are intertwined and resonate.
And it was precisely through the interweaving and resonance of the ancient tree of heaven and earth that Chu Weiyang immediately saw a broader perspective of the nature of the ancient tree.
It is a broader “vision” that encompasses all the world-destroying natural disasters in the boundless sea, and becomes a corner of the truly lofty and boundless perspective.
In such a “vision”, all the scenes in the dim ocean were blurry, and similarly, Chu Weiyang also immediately saw that in such boundless vastness, in the dim ocean, the real stars were scattered. A series of tiny light spots of energy and blood are traveling towards the sea area where the Ancient Qiankun Tree is located!
He could almost see clearly the scattered points of energy and blood in the more extensive sea map, and when Chu Weiyang was very familiar with the unique aura of the Hunmeng monks transforming into ferocious beasts, Chu Weiyang was very familiar with it. There are various speculations about changes in Weiyang’s mind.
He firmly believed that he would not admit his mistake.
After all, ever since he established himself outside the Three Yuan Realm, not to mention his death, it was just because