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ld not be sure whether Liu Changan was still sitting in front of the surveillance camera.

Qin Yanan checked her pants in the bathroom. They were clean. She didn’t use panty liners. Compared with other women of this age, the only advantage Qin Yanan had after her abnormal body condition was that she didn’t need to use panty liners on a daily basis.
Of course, my aunt will still come.
/Thinking of this, Qin Yanan panicked. She checked now and found nothing wrong, but that didn’t mean nothing happened!
The key is that without experience, there is no way to judge.
What if something really happened? Dichlorvos is ready for him.
Qin Yanan gritted her teeth, washed her face, and calmed herself down. She was a mature woman and could not panic like a little girl, not to mention that it was not a big deal. There were several women at her age who had not experienced this. This kind of thing?
In short, if Liu Changan takes advantage of others, he will be dead.
Qin Yanan had no intention of keeping his body in a state where evidence could be preserved. Should he call the police for this kind of thing? Not so embarrassing.
She took a shower, brushed her teeth, tied her hair into a neat ponytail, put on a long white nightgown, and walked out of her room.
There was no sign of Liu Changan in the living room. He drank all the pot of coffee and brewed several pots of tea. He spread a few books on the sofa and peeled a small basket of nuts.
The computer was placed in its original position and turned off. Qin Yanan turned on the computer and searched for videos, but could not find any useful records.
what happened?
Qin Yanan had a bad premonition and couldn’t help lowering her head to look at the hem of her skirt, lifting it up and then putting it down.
/Generally only people who have done bad things will delete video evidence.
Hearing the sound coming from the kitchen, Qin Yanan walked over and took a deep breath. If he really acted recklessly, even if his great-grandfather was protecting him, Qin Yanan would give him dichlorvos.
There is no doubt that if he, the overlord, took advantage of others’ unpreparedness and cooked the rice, my great-grandfather would probably stroke his beard and say, “You can teach me.”
It was already eight o’clock. Qin Yanan rarely got up so late.
Walking to the door of the kitchen, Liu Changan opened the kitchen window. Outside the window was the morning mist of Lushan Mountain. Only the nearby green and hazy branches and leaves were fluttering in the mountain wind. It was windy last night and rained in the second half of the night. However, the air at this time was different from Qin Yanan’s. The difference in the room was slightly cool and fresh.
A few wisps of wind stirred Liu Changan’s hair with thin drops of water, reminding Qin Yanan of the morning temperament of the large pine leaves around him. Liu Changan had a fresh, energetic, forest-like feeling about him.
It seems that such a person would not do such dirty things, right? Qin Yanan calmed down. Don’t think of the worst in every