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d who are we? Don’t we know each other?”

The gray-haired young man said: “Today, I want to explain the truth. We got here first. There must be someone who comes first, right?”
Tingting, with curling red sleeves, stood by the bamboo forest and said, “What’s the point? What does the whole extraordinary center have to do with you? Did you come to steal it by force without being invited?”
“How do you know we weren’t born in the Extraordinary Center?” Behind the two men, a woman walked up, wearing a black gauze skirt, with her long white legs exposed, which was very dazzling.
/“What nonsense are you talking to them about? What can I do if I’m not a local creature? When I come, what I see is royal soil, for my use. What can you do?!” The tall and thin figure like a bamboo pole said coldly.
Then, he glanced quickly and said: “Who said that just now? Even if you are in the Jedi, you are not afraid of the real body fighting. You can crush as many as you want.”
He was very tough and felt there was no need to reason here, and he was eyeing Wang Xuan. How could he not know who was speaking earlier at such a close distance.
“A worm?” Wang Xuan looked at him, using his spiritual eyes and super-sensory senses to understand the essence of his soul. It was as thin as a black metal wire, somewhat like an iron wire worm.
“How do you want to die?!” The skinny “Iron Worm” immediately turned his face and locked eyes with Wang Xuan, with evil spirits in the corners of his eyes and eyebrows.
Silver-haired Willow said: “This is a good name. In a very ancient era, there was a wire-like insect who liked to live in other people’s souls. He was the most vicious and had a war with the last gods. However, he should not be that. One, probably a descendant of that old insect, no wonder it has such a long face.”
“Baimao, you can’t live either!” In the bamboo forest, the iron worm also kept accounts for him, with cold eyes.
“Over the years, I have met many true saints from all walks of life, but this is the first one like you that is so vulgar and shouts to be killed at every turn.” Wang Xuan looked at the “iron worm”.
“Your grandfather, I have my heart’s desire. There is no need to hide it. To explore the extraordinary truth of everything in this world is essentially to simplify the complex and point to the truth. I just want to kill you because I don’t like it. What do you think?!” I have to do it?! It is said that “Iron Worm” is quite conceited, and the madness in his words is indeed undisguised.
Wang Xuan’s face suddenly darkened. After so many years of debut, he had never seen many enemies who dared to talk to him like this. He dared to treat him as an elder. He must be tired of life.
“Ironworm, none of your ancestors were as arrogant and self-righteous as you.” Hong Xiu said calmly.
“My lineage is ‘Dao Nematode’, don’t insult me, who are you?” The skinny man was a little surprised. He frowned when he felt that the ethereal woman opposite looked at his ancestor with indifference.
In the past, his great ancestor fought in the age of