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imistic changes.” The light of the crystal ball gradually dimmed, and Dorian stood up, already making a decision in his heart.

At lunch time, inside the Four-winged Bird restaurant.
In front of Forsi was a piece of fish cut into sections, deep-fried, and sprinkled with rosemary. The skin was crispy, the meat was delicious, and it had no thorns. It was quite delicious. The only problem was that the chef had a very weird aesthetic. The two bulging fish eyes are retained, and relying on the plating technique, they are made to look upward at the same time, seeming to express their unwillingness to die.
Forsi pushed down the fish head, cut off the tail, and covered the upward eye.
At this time, Dorian Gray moved his knife and fork and said casually:
“Anlisa likes mysticism very much and has done some research in this area. When you finally packed up her belongings, did you see any corresponding books, notes or items?”
“There are some notes and books.” Forsi replied calmly, “I became a fan of mysticism because of this, but unfortunately, I can’t understand some of the content at all.”
For example, that book on spiritual world knowledge is not only absurd, but also logically confusing and unclear. Even if you can force yourself to read it and calm down your anxiety regularly, it will be difficult to remember the content in it. You will forget it after reading it. Don’t say you understand, Forsi added in his mind.
Dorian nodded slightly and laughed:
/“Then you can ask me for advice. I am also a fan of mysticism, and I am relatively proficient in it.”
“Really? That’s great,” Forsi said in agreement.
Seeing that she was indeed interested, Dorian turned the topic to occultism, sometimes mentioning the spiritual world, and sometimes talking about his own meditation experience. When he entered the restaurant, he was well prepared and deliberately chose a remote and quiet location, not afraid of two people. The content of people’s chats can be heard by surrounding customers.
At the end of lunch, Dorian took the initiative and suggested:
“I have never known how to express my gratitude, and now I finally don’t have to worry about this problem. Haha, although Lawrence gave you a reward, I don’t think it is enough to match your kindness, kindness and trustworthiness.
“Ms. Wall, if you have any questions in the field of occultism, you can write to me and ask me. This is my humble thanks.”
“This is exactly what I hope to get.” Forsi did not refuse.
From the exchange just now, she could clearly see that Dorian Gray had solid and systematic occult knowledge and was worthy of being a member of the ancient Abraham family.
This aspect can be regarded as Forsi’s shortcoming. Although she has mastered a lot of common sense about the extraordinary world, it all comes from a few in-depth books and notes, as well as what she heard from various encounters at various gatherings. The scattered words of experience are not comprehensive enough, not systematic, and often have flaws.
After hearing the other party’s answer, Dorian rai