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take action, hero, to stand up!”

Source No. 2 was once hunted by Source No. 3. The conflict between the two sides has not yet been resolved. Any disturbance between the two sides will be amplified.
Involving the 6-breaker, the strange person from the source No. 3, naturally became big news and triggered heated discussions.
In the Outer World Dojo, in the Demon Court, after Wang Dao heard the news, he suddenly showed a strange expression and said, “Could it be related to my sixth uncle?”
“No.” Demon Lord Yan Qingyan already knows that the “evil brother” has become a saint. Will he still bully the younger ones?
But Lao Zhang was thinking that there was nothing that the perverted little Wang couldn’t do. It was not impossible for him to come back and bully the younger ones after hiding in hiding for many years.
Wang Xuan looked carefully and found that this was a secret realm. The vicissitudes of history accumulated in the ancient land, which spanned countless epochs.
The 10 plants are extremely lush and gorgeous, entwined with rules and order, transpiring with the light rain of creation. Some are rooted in the colorful soil, some are growing in the eyes of the sea, and some are absorbing nutrients from the Chaos Pool.
One of the golden plants is rooted in the vortex of time and space.
Among the layers of flower buds, there is a scene of the rotating sea of ??stars, and the golden petals carry a river of time.
Faintly, this strange flower of the Dao showed signs of changing into another form. It was entangled with Wang Xuan with inexplicable fragments of the Dao, and in the end it pointed directly at the sacred hourglass on his body.
“Interesting, this is the authority of time and space!” Wang Xuan was moved. This is not a simple avenue, it is one of the highest authorities.
/Throughout the ages, the principles of time and space have been one of the strongest areas that saints cannot circumvent.
Moreover, after the fusion and unification of extraordinary sources No. 1 and No. 2, these powers seem to have increased and become stronger.
Wang Xuan really doesn’t need it. He has traveled all over the source of “Yin Liu” and even the realm of “Yang Jiu”. His eyes will not be limited to the new mythical world.
However, for others, these are the coveted supreme treasures, and even a group of supreme beings are thinking about them and competing for them.
Naturally, he would not waste or miss it, so he sacrificed the sacred hourglass and let it blend with the golden bud, exchanging marks in an instant.
All six sacred objects were completely stripped away by him. They no longer have his imprint and have nothing to do with him. If they were given to others, they would still be carrying a strange flower.
He did not pick the flowers immediately, because this was a rare thing that only a true saint could fully undertake, and none of the target candidates he was planning to send to him had yet become a true saint.
“That’s good. With the mark connection, you can’t run away in the future. It’s like making a reservation