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nyway, many people died there, but no one could ever get close.”

Through various channels, Wang Xuan learned more and more about the situation of each team, although his knowledge of the secret land was limited.
“It’s almost the end of the month, and the teams from each company should be back. We will soon know the results and see if the big chaebol’s expedition team has been wiped out again.”
“If the survival rate is still 50% this time, then I will risk my life and sign up for Xinyuan’s next adventure!”
/Deep space signal group, those people are talking.
Wang Xuan was also waiting, wanting to see the status of the expedition teams of Zhao Qinghan and Wu Yin’s respective families, as well as the general situation of large organizations. Could those teams have been wiped out again?
A few days later, according to time calculation, each expedition team should be back.
Everyone who has decrypted the area is waiting for them to announce their “record results.”
“It’s a quiet period now, but we can’t keep secrets. What’s going on in each family and how many people have died will be revealed soon.”
“It’s a shame that the universe is so colorful. The big local forces have long gone to explore secret places, but ordinary people don’t know this at all.”
This is indeed a fact. Major organizations have always kept secrets and have not announced the truth to the public.
Many new species have appeared in Nova over the years. Although some people have doubts, they are just speculating.
“Why are they covering it up? Of course it’s for monopoly. They want to hold on to those interests.”
Someone was analyzing the deep space signal group.
Wang Xuan still doesn’t speak. At this stage, he mainly listens and watches, studies the secret land, and understands the adventure experiences of the chaebol.
“There is also a possibility that they cannot control the secret area, and there is a high risk, and it may even be transmitted to Xinxing, so they are unwilling to make it public for fear of causing public opposition.”
At first, Wang Xuan thought that this was a group of scammers who formed a group to deceive him, but now he found that some people did have some information.
At the very least, he can learn a lot about the secret land in this group.
Xinyuan’s team this time has a total of twenty-one people, and eleven of them came back alive. The survival rate is higher than 50%!
If this spreads to the general population, many people will be shocked. The survival rate is 50%. There is no more dangerous occupation than this today!
But in an exotic adventure, this is already considered a highlight moment, and it all relies on the support of peers. More people in other teams die, and they are often wiped out.
Wang Xuan watched silently, sighing in his heart. It is not easy for explorers. They are completely risking their lives in exchange for tomorrow. If the survival rate is half, some people are willing to go.
However, most of those who were able to come back alive had collected rare items, which they could sell for sky-high