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Wang Xuan didn’t take him seriously. He swept over him coldly and said, “I don’t know what the general trend is or the so-called direction of history. I only know that you, a rebellious person, chose to stand on the opposite side of me. , destined to be crushed into powder!”

The two supreme workers secretly communicated and felt that this level 6 “boss” was really not that powerful.
“Are you trying to say that your camp is in compliance with the general trend, right?” Fei Evil held a halberd and spoke, his whole body glowing with dazzling silver light, like divine flames burning, illuminating the dark and cold void of the universe. .
“I don’t believe this. Chen Mu is practicing the Silkworm Sutra of Cause and Effect and the Cicada Sutra of Destiny. As a result, I can’t even control my own destiny. I believe in the knife in my hand!”
This time, Wang Xuan uses the Great Black Sky Sword, which will completely end the battle here.
“Just say it, you represent the general trend.” Fei Xi concluded after thinking about it.
“It’s up to you to understand it.” Wang Xuan didn’t want to talk to him anymore, so he swung his long knife and struck at him, simple and direct, without any false moves.
However, at this moment, the sky and the earth, the universe and the sea of ????stars were filled with sword light, boundless, and the majestic sword intention blocked all his escape routes.
The sky knife struck out, and the dazzling light of the knife was everywhere. His scalp was numb, and he could only wave his halberd and try his best to block it.
Amidst the clanging sound, the halberd made of banned materials in Fei Evil’s hand was directly cut off by the light of the sword.
With a pop, one of Fei Evil’s arms fell in the light of the sword and exploded, with bright red Jidao Limit Breaking True Blood splattering everywhere.
“I’m too lazy to punish you, let’s get on the road!” Wang Xuan slashed out again with his sword.
Feiye roared, and his whole body erupted with imperial textures. Dozens of hundreds of spells and magical powers were released at the same time. He was like a colorful and extremely bright ball of light, radiating divine patterns, laws, etc.
But it was all in vain. Wang Xuan returned to his original nature with a sword, carrying the true meaning of Tao, sweeping across it, extinguishing all laws, making Fei evil’s whole body dim, and he was cut in half with a pop!
/Then, another blade of light flashed across, more terrifying than the thunder of chaos, chopping up Fei Li, and even his soul was disintegrated in the blade of light, completely wiped out.
On the bloody battlefield, the decisive battle in the heaven-level realm has officially come to an end.
/However, on the contrary, such an army, which in everyone’s opinion was almost invincible, was pierced through and bloodbathed by Kong Xuan alone, and it was swept away powerfully.
This battle shocked the extraordinary world.
Whether it was the real star sea, the fairyland and the outer heaven, or the outer world, and the 36 heavens, from ordinary extra