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nd him, as well-behaved as a little brother.

Not to mention Mr. Xin Kuang, who walked up behind King Yuanxuan and kept talking to each other, acting honestly and honestly, just like the little guy standing at the party of his alma mater when he was eighteen years old.
In comparison, Lord Xinli was obviously much better. Bingshan’s face did not change color, and he just nodded when he came to King Yuanxuan.
“Well, thank you for your hard work, my son.”
King Yuanxuan responded, his eyes swept across the whole place, fixed on the Xuanlong trio, and finally stopped on Lu Bei.
Danfeng’s eyes narrowed into two thin lines, the red light lit up, and his smile was once very kind.
The younger ones were beaten, and the older ones came.
Lu Bei’s neck felt cold. Thinking of the two times he put other people’s daughters on the shelves, he subconsciously leaned towards Zhu Jingli and said, “Who is that person? He looks so arrogant. Look, Your Highness, he dares to glare at you!”
“He is King Yuanxuan. Sect Leader Lu should have heard of his name.”
“No wonder, it turned out to be him.”
Lu Bei nodded and frowned. At this moment, he deeply thought of his elder brother.
Zhu Jingli looked at Lu Bei and secretly called him a monster. After saying goodbye to Beijun Mountain and taking a nap, Lu Bei entered the realm of fusion from the early stage of the Void Refining Realm. His opponents also upgraded from Zhu Yuan and others who were in the fusion stage to the likes of Yan Jun. The period of tribulation.
With such a talent, without the help of his blood, it would be difficult for everyone in Lao Zhu’s family to sleep and eat.
As for She Zhang beside Lu Bei, Zhu Jingli just pretended not to see it. When the water is clear, there are no fish. He was born in a royal family and was an emperor. He knew that certain things should not be taken too seriously.
The past is past, the present will become the past, and the future is the most important thing.
Opposite him, King Yuanxuan stared at Lu Bei for a long time. When he received no response, he snorted and flew towards the entrance of the secret realm.
Then came the Huangji Sect headed by Zhu Yuan. Dugu wanted to say something to Lu Bei again, but was stopped by the Zhao brothers and sisters. He turned back in three steps and followed him into the secret realm.
“Dugu is an evil person, not a demon, and definitely not a good person. Don’t be fooled by his superficial appearance.”
Zhu Jingli reminded him, but seeing that Lu Bei didn’t care, he reminded him again: “He is following a path of killing that is not recognized by his relatives. He has broken through the tribulation stage three times, and abandoned his cultivation three times and fallen into a body. Just to avoid thunder and tribulation, he wielded a sword and caused bloody storms. , if the secret realm insists on inviting you to compete with swordsmen, then retreat if you can. Don’t compete with him for a moment.”
/So evil!
Lu Bei nodded: “This sect leader has long heard of the reputation of the fierce sw