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ngqi was satisfied. She liked furry animals the most. She even wanted to find the lost cat in Jiuling Cave, cut off its beard, and keep it for a while.

“Would you like to spar again?” She turned to Wang Xuan and asked, her attitude not bad, not as angry as when she left the venue last time.
Wang Xuan’s “panda diplomacy” is still very effective.
But he was too casual and spoke without much thought: “Same as last time, standing still and letting me hit you casually?”
After saying this, he realized that it was rash. Sure enough, An Jingqi’s face turned slightly dark, and she really didn’t want to pick up the pot.
Her side face was exquisite and flawless, her eyebrows were slightly raised, her temperament changed from calm to slightly demonic, and she said: “This is a fair duel at the level of a true immortal. Do you want to have one?”
“Me and you? Forget it, we are already so familiar, it would be inappropriate to fight again. We are not acquaintances without fighting, and we will be friends from now on.” Wang Xuan said.
He really wanted to say that if he knocked you away and made you cry, it would be really difficult to resolve the holiday. It would be more appropriate to pet the cat together.
An Jingqi nodded and said: “Well, I won’t fight you. I’m talking about someone else, a morally corrupt female fairy who is dark and bad. How about you fight her for me? I hired her at a high price. you.”
“Who?” Wang Xuan felt bad.
“Zhuo Yanran.” Jing Jingqi replied.
Wang Xuan secretly thought, as expected, these two are the pair of dark best friends who quarrel with each other, fight both literary and martial arts, and play mixed doubles. They are naturally at odds with each other.
/He declined politely: “Well, I don’t know her. Besides, I’m not very good at fighting, so forget it.”
“Yes, brother Kong Xuan doesn’t like to kill.” Zhong Xiao said quickly. He knew who Zhuo Yanran was. His name was written in a golden book and jade book. His strength was explosive among heaven-level masters.
Wolverine also spoke quickly and said: “Yes, my brother usually doesn’t kill. Every time he takes action, it is out of necessity. He is not good at dueling with others. He is usually as quiet as a falling flower.”
Even the charming Luo Ying didn’t change her expression and told lies seriously: “Kong Xuan is not good at fighting.”
“That’s right, Brother Kong usually doesn’t compete with us.” Liuyan Jinchan also nodded. He also knew how powerful Zhuo Yanran was.
Jing Jingqi looked in a daze, feeling incredible, and said: “Did you think I was just air last time? I went to the Black Peacock Holy Mountain in person. It’s not like I didn’t see it. When he appeared, there was a billowing evil spirit and black mist. He looked like a man and killed him with a mace, but you tell me that he is not good at fighting, does not like killing, and is as quiet as a falling flower?!”
/Besides, it’s not like she hasn’t investigated. When the two kings of Five Elements Mountain were in the Meteor Sea, they even chopped and smashed the core disciples