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ink? Do you want to know what I will do if you anger me? Do you want to know what I endured and learned in that dark place?”

“Look, you don’t want to know!”
So, Chu Weiyang raised his hand, raised the hand entangled with the jade snake, and gently, with an extremely slow rhythm, slapped Yan Jianming’s face. The hissing sound of the snake’s letter rang clearly in Yan Jianming’s face. ear.
At the same time, Chu Weiyang also really saw the sudden goosebumps on Yan Jianming’s neck.
“We are fellow Taoists. When we made deals before, you didn’t feel sorry for me. I have kept this in mind.”
“So I will help you this time, and I will try my best to help you.”
“But those seemingly intense and strong emotions actually can’t solve any problems!”
“We have to get acquainted little by little. You help me once, I help you once, and then everything will be good in the future.”
“Go to the southern wilderness to hide for a few days? Yes! No problem!”
“But, Fellow Daoist Yan, you have to tell me the reason behind this.”
“You have to tell me, be honest with me!”
Yan Jianming raised his chin slightly. He felt the smooth scales of the jade snake rubbing against the side of his neck. The deep coldness made him feel uncomfortable from the bottom of his heart.
Staring at Chu Weiyang, Chu Weiyang returned his gaze calmly.
One breath, two breaths, three breaths
Yan Jianming’s throat slid.
“I tell you the truth, are you sure you can do what I say?”
Chu Weiyang smiled and retracted his hand.
/“Swear or swear, you choose one, just like the last transaction.”
Among the lush trees.
Still dressed as before, Chu Weiyang carried a basket on his back, a sword in one hand, and a jade snake coiled in the other, and trudged deeper into the south.
After all, a few simple restrictions, a narrow wooden building, and even if it was difficult to enjoy a good sleep in just a few days, such an environment still brought Chu Weiyang an indescribable peace. Entering the vast forest sea, Chu Weiyang actually had some complex feelings similar to the right and wrong of things.
It was as if he had never broken free from this kind of looking up at the vastness.
It seems that that kind of peace and protection is just an unrealistic dream that happens occasionally. Maybe it’s a cold wind or a cold rain, and that dream will disappear.
When I opened my eyes, I was in a world of confusion and confusion again.
It’s just that compared to his past self, Chu Weiyang today is a little more well-prepared. Even though his feet are muddy, he is far less embarrassed.
Without time, Chu Weiyang even had the leisure to stop and pick a few poisonous herbs. With just a roll of magic power in his hand, he turned it into a pinch of gray poison powder and fed it to the White Jade Viper bit by bit.
Unlike Chu Weiyang, who is now seriously ill, no matter what aspect of his cultivation progress, it depends partly on chance, but mainly on the destiny given by God.
/The jade snake that has been refined in the “Green Bamboo Pill Sutra” has been within the doorway of the mon