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h no one floating in the air.

The remaining pirates on the ship fell to the ground one after another, burying their faces on the deck and not daring to lift them up at all.
Klein stood at the other end, looking at Mr. Azik’s back and the vast scene. He opened his mouth, but said nothing.
Azik took two more steps forward and came to the side of “Admiral Hell”, then turned around, faced Klein, and said to Ludwell:
“You will be his secret puppet for one year. When the time limit is up, you can return to the spirit world.”
Azik said these words calmly, and did not seem to involve the life, death and future of “Admiral Hell”. Or, for him, it was just a trivial matter, and he did not need to care about the mood and thoughts of the person being ordered.
Ludwell’s body trembled violently, as if angry and unwilling, but in the end he did not raise his head, and still pressed his forehead against the deck and said:
/“Yes, the great Archon of Death.”
As soon as he finished speaking, the mysterious symbols of pale and dark green were highlighted one after another, intertwined to form an illusory bronze door.
The bronze door quickly shrank, falling to the forehead of “Admiral Hell” and getting in.
Klein looked a little stunned and confused until Mr. Azik nodded to him and pointed at the “Admiral of Hell” before he moved forward blankly, entered the 10-meter range, and controlled Ludwell’s spirit body. Wire.
The pirate general tried to bounce up and wave his arms several times, but failed to do so. Soon, his thoughts became stagnant and his subconscious struggled.
After a while, “Hell Admiral” Ludwell, who was wearing a silver mask, stood up, lowered his head, and retreated to the side of Klein, with “Winner” Enzo on the left and right.
Azik watched quietly, and finally said slowly:
“In the Path of Death, those in higher positions have a strong ability to suppress those in lower positions.”
It can be inferred that when I threw your copper whistle before, the “Hell Admiral” who is a Sequence 5 was completely unable to control his own undead creatures. Klein nodded lightly, indicating that he had remembered this matter. .
Immediately afterwards, a living corpse that had rotted in several places climbed up and walked up to Klein holding a blue armpin.
This is his lost fish-man cuff pin
Although it is of no use to me now, it finally came back. Klein was inexplicably sighing and reached out to take back the item that belonged to him.
Then, he saw Mr. Azik walking back and reaching out to grab his shoulder.
He quickly stretched out his hands and grabbed the shoulders of Enzo and Ludwell respectively.
All the colors then became rich, distinct but overlapping. Klein, who had entered the spiritual world, instinctively asked:
“Mr. Azik, where are you going now?”
“The Sea of ??Violence.” Azik replied calmly.
He paused and added:
“Give me that brass whistle.”
“Okay.” Klein asked the secret puppet Enzo to take out the iron cigarette box and took out the antique copper whistle inside.
Azik reached out to take it and sa