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wer. As he let out a light scolding, the sword light was densely packed, like a bright “sword wall”, crushing forward and breaking the opponent’s dazzling spell.

“There are not even ten thousand but eight thousand extraordinary beings who pay tribute to me every year. I visit the back gardens of the gods at will. This sea of ??light, wherever I see it, is my territory. Whatever you pick up is my territory.” It is the true crystal that belongs to me, so I will naturally take it back. If you are disrespectful to the Supreme God, you will have to endure the burning of endless flames and wash away your sins before you die.”
When this dragon opens its mouth, it looks domineering. It seems that it is the only one in the world and everyone has to bow their heads. Moreover, does it claim to be the supreme god?
“A dragon like you is really a bandit’s logic. You are a rogue dragon. Wang Jiaozu has to beat you up!” This was the first time Wang Xuan encountered such a creature.
/There is nothing to say now. Tens of thousands of extraordinary divine swords roared, the sword wall crushed them, and they collided with the opponent’s various dragon spells in a fierce battle.
Clang, clang, clang!
On the seabed, it was like countless iron plates were rubbing against each other. Extraordinary light was splashing everywhere. The scales on the sacred dragon’s body spread out and then glowed. Each dragon scale had a special symbol and collided with countless divine swords.
This dragon is indeed extremely powerful. Without using rules, it still has the strength to look down on creatures at the same level. It vibrates the dragon scales and breaks a large number of extraordinary swords, almost “hand-to-hand combat”, and then kills them directly.
Wang Xuan was wary, but he didn’t panic. He held the iron drill and rushed forward. Do you want to fight at close range? Who is afraid of whom?
Many people were moved, and some showed strange expressions. The Dragon Clan is famous for its physical tyranny, which is also reflected in the spiritual state. It is suitable for close combat. This young man is really wild enough, daring to go straight to fight with the dragon.
At the same time, he was not polite with his other hand, and like a flying fairy from heaven, he stabbed it with an iron drill, and with a pop, it worked very well, creating a bloody hole in the dragon’s body.
Between the two, the dazzling light of the soul burst out, the huge dragon claws, the terrifying dragon horns, and the terrifying giant mouth all attacked together, attacking forward fiercely.
This place was buzzing, and Wang Xuan was not ambiguous at all. He fought hard with it, and the fierce collision caused his blood and the dragon’s blood to splash.
Everyone was surprised. Is this young man so incredibly powerful? You can fight like this in a “hand-to-hand” fight with a sacred giant dragon.
The sacred dragon has become smaller, from being as huge as a mountain to being more than three meters long. It is more suitable for fighting humans who are less than