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his face changed slightly, and he thought to himself: “So much is missing?”

Xu Ying observed the words and was worried: “Speaking of which, we did eat a lot of Yuan Dao Essence. But the situation is critical. If we don’t eat, we won’t have the chance to eat again. Of course we have to drink a lot.”
Jiang Qi raised his head and took a sip of the essence of the original path, and suggested: “Does the Immortal Immortal want to return to the world of Yuanshou? I have a way to go back.”
Xu Ying’s eyes lit up and he said with a smile: “Is Grand Master Jiang referring to the Heavenly Punishment Sword?”
Jiang Qi took out the Tianzhu Sword and said seriously: “As long as the Immortal Immortal controls this sword and holds the Dao of Heaven in his hand, he can transform into a god with a dragon head and human body, travel through time and space, and return to Yuanshou.”
He put the Heavenly Execution Sword in Xu Ying’s hand and said: “With the Heavenly Execution Sword in your hand, you will be controlled by the Heavenly Dao and become a killing machine. The Immortal Immortal needs to fight against the consciousness of the Heavenly Dao.”
Xu Ying held the hilt of the Tianzhu Sword and said in surprise, “Master Jiang, weren’t you the one to take us back to Yuanshou?”
Jiang Qi suddenly vomited blood with a loud cry and fell down straight, breathless.
Just now, he was the god of wind and grace, and he was dashing and elegant, but now he was in such a state of embarrassment, with injuries all over his body, disordered consciousness, scattered soul, and extremely serious injuries!
Xu Ying hurriedly stepped forward to check. Jiang Qi grabbed his hand and spurted out another mouthful of blood. He gritted his teeth and said reluctantly: “Although I seriously injured Long Yuan, I was also seriously injured by him. When the Great Terror broke out, I and I He fell into Xiao Xuantian together. I was beaten to death by you one hundred and four times.”
He coughed violently, and his heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys seemed to be coughed up.
Xu Ying quickly used a trace of Niwan’s activity to help him suppress his injuries.
Jiang Qi looked a little better and said in a hoarse voice: “Long Yuan also fell in. He must have been killed by you a hundred times. After all, he is a god, and his recovery ability is stronger than mine. Now, only you can sacrifice the Heavenly Punishment Sword.” Get up. We can only count on you for our safety.”
After he explained this, his eyes widened, his legs kicked up, and his head tilted to one side.
Xu Ying took a breath, breathed a sigh of relief, and said to Dazhong and Xian Qi who were approaching him: “There is still some energy.”
An Qi quickly took off the gourd containing the Essence of the Original Dao from Jiang Qi’s waist and said, “It’s hopeless. Ah Ying, let’s leave him behind and quickly activate the Heavenly Punishment Sword and return to Yuanshou Divine State!”
/Xu Ying shook his head and said: “Although he played a trick, after all, he handed the Tianchu Sword into my hand with hi