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xtremely powerful. It’s not enough for someone who has just collected Qi to deal with him.

With one slap, the female killer’s pretty face was deformed, with tiny cracks appearing on her forehead bones, and her eyesight turned black. Before she fell down, her heart felt cold. She felt that this person was much more powerful than what was described in the intelligence. He didn’t hit her vitals, but slapped her face randomly, which made her unbearable and made her head feel like it was going to rot. It was like a ferocious Siberian tiger holding down a little rabbit with its paw.
Wang Xuan held the female killer in one hand, picked up her gun with the other, and returned to the room with light and agile movements.
Almost at the same time, the door made a slight sound, and then opened silently. Two people flashed in like apes, and rolled on the ground instead of breaking in straight.
The gun in Wang Xuan’s hand missed and did not hit anyone. However, the female killer he smashed out at the same time hit one of them.
The man was ruthless enough. He kicked the female killer and kicked her away. Then he jumped up with one hand on the ground and threw out a dagger in his hand, aiming at Wang Xuan’s face.
The moment Wang Xuan dodged, the man rushed towards him.
Another person also arrived at almost the same time, with amazing skills, far beyond what the woman just now could match. It was obvious that they were two masters in the old art field.
They did not bring thermal weapons. One came with a short blade and the other came with bare hands to kill the target.
Wang Xuan sighed. He really wanted to practice his marksmanship when he had the chance. He even missed several shots and his accuracy was really bad.
In fact, the main reason is that these two people are extremely powerful. They can dodge, move, roll, jump, move quickly, and practice their physical skills to an extremely advanced level.
These two people have not only collected Qi for a long time, but they are also masters who have been cultivated for many years. If it were Wang Xuan who was a week ago, dealing with them would be extremely difficult and even dangerous.
But the last time he was shot in the dark, he entered an interior location, and everything was different.
He dropped the gun and dealt with the two men with his bare hands.
/One of them swung his palm and hit him, but Wang Xuan slapped him with his right hand and blocked it, making a dull sound.
The killer was quite surprised. No one knew better than him how powerful his palm was. Once it hit, it could break the bones and tendons of a person who was accomplished in gathering energy and nourishing the body. As a result, the young man was now fine.
Wang Xuan was indeed a little shocked. He noticed that his palms were abnormal. They were much thicker and wider than ordinary people. He recognized them at a glance. They were people practicing Iron Sand Palm. The palms were deformed, and the bones and other substances were thickened. It is absolutely fatal in humans.
The man suddenl