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ing by major organizations can be said to be everywhere. Something happened in the outside world recently, which caused the top forces to be on guard. The detectors did not even miss the mountains.

He avoided most of it and destroyed a few, and it seemed like this place couldn’t stay any longer.
In the early morning, after Wang Xuan washed up, he frowned. After all, he accidentally revealed his whereabouts. A micro-detector flew by in the distance.
It was impossible for him to scan all the microscopic creatures all the time. There were too many insects and ants in the mountains and forests. If he always cared about the details of the nearby environment, it would be impossible for him to calm down and practice.
Wang Xuan glanced at the wild bee flying not far away, then destroyed it without mercy, and then disappeared directly from the forest.
Today, a competition is being held in the School of Human Potential Research of Kaiyuan University, which is a competition between various universities.
Qin Cheng finally met the opponent he was waiting for, who was related to the Huang family, and he wanted to vent his anger for Professor Lin.
This battle is quite eye-catching because the relationship between Qin Cheng and Wang Xuan cannot be hidden, and many people know who is behind him.
However, now that the Sword Immortal has disappeared, it is a pity.
Qin Cheng’s opponent is a tall and strong young man. His master comes from the Huang family, which is known as the orthodox family of old arts.
/Especially the rumors that someone from the Huang family has recently returned from the blessed land. The outside world suspects that the Huang family may have a transcendent!
Qin Cheng fought against the strong young man, played steadily and defeated his opponent cleanly, causing the strong young man to vomit blood and stagger back.
Qin Cheng obeyed Professor Lin’s instructions and paid attention to his propriety. He did not break his opponent’s bones and muscles, which was considered merciful.
Originally, this incident didn’t cause any disturbance and passed by calmly.
However, as Wang Xuan’s whereabouts were revealed, subtle changes occurred. Someone in the Huang family wanted to meet this extraordinary person who had become very famous recently. After carefully studying his information, they became suspicious of him!
Some people from the Huang family even entered the ancestral temple, prayed, slept here, and performed certain rituals, hoping to communicate with the mysterious power.
Someone was the first to release the hazy picture of Wang Xuan on the secret network, breaking the news that he was still alive.
“Let me show you who is here, the King’s Contempt Picture, reappearing in the world!”
/The detectors of several chaebols captured Wang Xuan’s figure, but they remained silent and waited to see if anything would happen.
As a result, when a young man from a family learned that Wang Xuan was alive, he couldn’t help himself and posted the photo on the secret network, which naturally caused a sensation.