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and said with a smile: “If you are curious about such existence, you may indeed cause great disaster to yourself. Especially the mysterious and unpredictable Chaos Lord. . Since ancient times, there are probably tens of millions, or even billions, of Taoist masters who have died due to the fluctuations of his avenue because they violated their oaths! There are even rumors that there are beings at the end of the avenue who have also been punished for violating their oaths. The Chaos Lord’s avenue wavering obliterates it.”

Yuan Weiyang was still indifferent and just blinked his big eyes.
Seeing that she couldn’t move her, the woman said: “In the history of the Chaos Sea, there have been many legendary battles, all related to this Chaos Lord. It is said that trillions of years ago, there was a supremely powerful man with a physical soul magic weapon. He and Dao, both proved the original fruition status, confidently mastered all the Dao in the Sea of ??Chaos, and challenged the Lord of Chaos. They fought in the cosmic cemetery of the Sea of ??Chaos. That battle led to the sublimation of the universe with countless deaths in the cosmic cemetery, and the Sea of ??Chaos. Restore youth. Since that battle, no one has seen this supremely powerful man in the Yuanshi state. Some people say that he has become a new grave in the cemetery of the universe.”
Yuan Weiyang was still not interested in this and simply continued to observe the Tao Blood River.
/The woman continued: “The latest thing about the Chaos Lord happened 4.4 billion years ago. This time it was a powerful being from the Great Void. He had already realized the original fruition status four times, and could create something out of nothing and create the world. .His Void Dao can even control the Void Dao power of the Chaos Sea, causing void tides.”
Yuan Weiyang finally became interested and looked back, looking like he was asking for advice.
The woman’s eyes were full of admiration, her face was serious, and she said: “He has supreme power, but he is also kind, and he never abuses his power. He is almost omnipotent, and he is meticulous about his relatives, friends, lovers, and children. He I pity the weak and hate the powerful. This person is called Yuxu Tianzun in my great void, which means the supreme Yuanshi Zun.”
Yuan Weiyang blinked: “He understands the Void Avenue?”
/“He understands.”
The woman continued, “He was looking for the secrets of all the ways. He once said that the great ways in the world are all the same, and this sameness is the origin of all the ways. He started his career in reincarnation, and heard that there was a Taoist friend in the sea of ??chaos, so he came happily. Come to the meeting. Unfortunately, he was defeated and died in a battle with the Chaos Lord.”
Yuan Weiyang thought of the black coffin behind Xu Ying and asked tentatively: “Is this Jade Xu Tianzun buried in a black coffin?”
The woman nodded lightly and said: “Since then, the Chaos Lord has not appeared again. The black coffin where Yuxu Tianzun is buried is also miss