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you hunting down the outer disciples of our Dao Alliance? It would be ridiculous to spread the news.”

The leader Shen Guanghou was about to speak when suddenly on the other side of the void, someone also sang a song loudly. The song said: “If there is no reward for good and evil, there must be selfishness in the world. The Tao is inherently merciless, how come all living beings are here? The Tao alliance is cause and effect. The master of the palace, Jiang Ziliu, is here to meet all fellow Taoists.”
A middle-aged Confucian scholar stepped on the void, walking on the ground, and walked towards this side. Suddenly, the masters of the Immortal Dynasty on the ships felt that the cause and effect that they had disappeared from the invisible reappeared one after another, and they were actually attacking the middle-aged Confucian scholar. Scholars gathered together to form the mighty Yangtze River of Cause and Effect.
Yan Guanghou led eight people to fly up and formed another nine-path evidence-based formation, cutting off the cause and effect river and facing Jiang Ziliu, the master of the Cause and Effect Hall of the Dao Alliance.
Marquis Yanguang snorted coldly and said in a deep voice: “Jiang Ziliu, you were severely beaten in the Imperial Capital, and how dare you show up?”
Jiang Ziliu, the master of the Hall of Cause and Effect, smiled and said: “There are so many masters in the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty who cannot keep Jiang. It is your Immortal Dynasty that is embarrassed. Why don’t I dare to show up?”
Marquis Shenguang said in a deep voice: “Jiang Ziliu, Gu Daosheng, your Nine Paths Evidence is not the real Nine Paths Evidence. This has been confirmed in Huangji Imperial Capital. You two are no match for us.”
Gu Daosheng, the master of the Reincarnation Hall, said calmly: “Only nine of you can stop one of us. The Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty is on the wrong path, that’s all.”
Marquis Yanguang said in a deep voice: “Let’s stay and deal with them. The others should go look for Xu Ying and must find him out!”
On the building boat, Yin Zhong and others said yes, and each urged the building boat to prepare to bypass the two palace masters of the Dao League.
They were about to go away when suddenly the void in front of them shook. Cang Yu, Min Yue and other Dao Alliance masters appeared one after another, standing in the void and blocking their way.
Yin Zhong sneered and said: “A group of inner disciples of the Dao Alliance want to keep the elite of our Immortal Dynasty without getting the true inheritance of the Dao Alliance? Everyone, send them to see the Dao!”
One building after another, the ships rushed forward. Cang Yu, Min Yue and others immediately led the crowd to kill, and a fierce battle broke out in the void!
At the same time, two nine-path evidence-based killing arrays were activated, submerging Gu Daosheng and Jiang Ziliu at the same time!
/The two great avenues have their own laws bursting out, and the golden wheels of reincarnation and cause and effect are intertwined and intertwined. They actually