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he long and narrow gilt ribbons were mixed into the colorful torrent, and all kinds of magical methods were activated almost at the same time. The magical powers after transformation and sublimation made the swallowing process go to a higher level.

And perhaps it is precisely because of being drawn into the mysterious realm of enlightenment before. After experiencing such a process and result of transformation and sublimation, it is just an “ordinary” deep into the abyss, and then mixed into the torrent to practice law. This A process that was originally urgent was actually used by Chu Weiyang very well.
In the process that seemed to be directed by an arm, Chu Weiyang no longer even needed the involvement of overly complicated thoughts and ideas. Just the running of the charm could trigger the natural changes of the gilded ribbon running various wonderful methods.
And in an instant, Chu Weiyang’s cultivation Qi, which seemed very weak, almost too weak to be noticed, was steadily refining and improving with the influx of strong vitality.
/Everything is completely different from what it was before experiencing the mysterious realm of enlightenment!
But for no reason, Chu Weiyang felt a sense of dissatisfaction and unwillingness from this overwhelming improvement.
No matter how much you make progress, the ordinary practice is really far behind the mysterious realm in the process of enlightenment.
It is probably difficult to normalize the state of enlightenment, but if you can teach yourself to have successive epiphanies in the process of perfecting and perfecting the magical powers in “Taiyin Refining”, you may be able to escape into the state of enlightenment several times and continue to maintain your ability. The mystery of earlier times.
Chu Weiyang has always been so greedy when it comes to studying Taoism and enlightening the Dharma.
In the same place, after the Taoist thought for a moment, he also began to deal with all the prey from this westward journey.
The first thing that the Taoist took out was the Mountain and River Gui magic weapon, as well as the divine form of King Gu bathed in blood and still being brewed and refined in the Mountain and River Gui.
There are limits to magical powers. It is impossible for Wang Gu, who has truly had his energy, spirit and life wiped out, to live in the human world again just by relying on pure Taoist evolution. The boundary between life and death is not that easy. Able to cross.
So, in that moment, Chu Weiyang took action decisively and refined all the remaining essence of this king Gu into the current Mo Yang. Because of its mysterious nature, this can be regarded as the supreme treasure elixir at the level of the soul. .
After all, Chu Weiyang smelted it using the elixir method of combining three elements.
However, Chu Weiyang is more willing to regard it as some kind of existence between the elixir and the weapon at the level of the soul. This is the attempt Chu Weiyang had to make when saving the ghosts of dead things. It incorporates the principles of th