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bastards each take away one of my flags, and if he learns my skills again, you will fool me with all my possessions! You are nothing.” You didn’t even think about keeping it for me, did you?”

Xu Ying said quickly: “We just feel that we can also achieve the Tao Master realm in the future, and there is no need to learn other people’s techniques. If the Tao Master is unwilling to part with these four flags, we will not give them up.”
“Take it!”
Taoist Master Ji Cang was generous. He placed the four big flags in front of the four people and said with a smile, “They are just external things. Unlike Taoist Master Hua, I don’t take them so seriously. These four big flags are famous and belong to Hongjie Universe.” The spiritual root of chaos was later taken away by us on the other side. The side with the green lotus pattern is called the green lotus treasure-colored flag.”
What Qingxuan holds in his hand is the Qinglian treasure-colored flag.
“Those with flame patterns are called off-the-ground flame flags.”
The Holy Lord looked at the flag in his hand and felt that it contained a raging fire that could burn a universe.
“Those with cloud patterns are called plain cloud flags.”
It is this big flag in the hands of Taoist Wukong, with misty clouds.
“The last flag is called the Hundao Xinghuang Flag.”
/The apricot-yellow flag fell into Xu Ying’s hands.
Taoist master Ji Cang explained the origin of these flags and said: “These flags are all from the same chaotic spiritual root, divided into four, and together they are a set of innate spiritual treasures. Each one is extremely powerful. , together, it is even more miraculous.”
When he said this, he grabbed Shi Tianyang by the neck and carried the Stone tribe boy to the stern of the boat, saying: “Since you have chosen the innate spiritual treasure, you can no longer learn my skills. You are not allowed to eavesdrop on the stern of the boat. ”
At the stern of the ship, Taoist Master Ji Cang set up a seal, and actually taught Shi Tian the skills to nourish himself there.
Shengzun and Qingxuan saw this, and each became suspicious and said to Xu Ying: “Xu Daozu, look at this posture, is it true that Taoist Master Ji Cang intends to teach Shi Tianyang Zhenzhen?”
Moreover, both Shengzun, Qingxuan, and Wukong Taoist think very highly of themselves. Qingxuan and Shengzun have been fighting for their whole lives, refusing to accept anyone. Wukong Taoist has always been a loner, and he is also very aloof.
They all believe that if they continue to practice along their own path, they will definitely become a Taoist master and there is no need to learn other people’s techniques.
Xu Ying guessed: “Perhaps, after Ji Cang’s revival this time, he felt that he also needed a successor, so he passed it on to Shi Tianyang’s True Succession.”
He paused and said: “It will be convenient to seize the body in the future.”
The Holy Lord nodded and said: “This is in line with the image of his Taoist master. Shi Tianyang practiced his skills, molded himself into his form from the inside