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acks of the causal threads, and even cut off the causal threads. However, it was still passed through by the causal threads and hung in the air, unable to move.

In just a few moments, their entire army was wiped out.
Hong Daojun thinks that Xu Ying is the most dangerous. Xu Ying has the largest number of causal threads running through his body, almost like a human-shaped thread.
Fortunately, these causal lines were tangible and insubstantial, so they did not cause much damage to him.
“The Avenue of Cause and Effect is indeed powerful. It can actually control our actions.”
Xu Ying’s eyes flashed and he moved his eyes to look at the chaotic energy falling in the sky. It must have been too long since Master Xuanhuang Avenue opened up this chaotic space in the Sea of ??Chaos, which caused it to be eroded by the Sea of ??Chaos and become less stable.
/“Chaos can be used to suppress all other avenues, so that more energy of chaos can be poured into this world, forming a space where there is no way in the world, and limiting the use of his causal avenue. Then there is still a chance of winning this battle.”
Xu Ying thought of this and tried to move his body, but he couldn’t move and had no chance to break the sky.
“You can also release the energy of chaos from the abyss of my martial arts cave. Lord Lian has collected so much energy of chaos, and you can use these energy of chaos to form the Wudao of the Heavens.”
Xu Ying tried to mobilize his spiritual consciousness to contact Chaos Lotus, but found that his spiritual consciousness could not be used.
His heart sank. The Avenue of Cause and Effect was too overbearing, and he couldn’t find a way to break it.
Hong Daojun stood in the air, suppressing the Tao injuries on his body, and said in a loud voice, “Misfortune is cause and effect, which can destroy a universe and destroy the strongest person there. The tide of the avenue is also cause and effect, but in the tide, no matter where you flee to, No matter where you go, you will be overtaken. Some people say that chaos can restrain cause and effect, which is really a fallacy.”
He shook his head and said to Xu Ying and others: “They say that cause and effect does not exist in chaos, which shows that chaos restrains cause and effect. But a person cannot be immersed in chaos. As long as he leaves chaos, no matter where he is in the sea of ??chaos, where In a universe, or even on a ship, cause and effect will find him again, asking him to repay cause and effect.”
Hong Daojun gently raised his hand, and the treasures moved slowly in the air, naturally emitting a fatal throbbing.
“Causation is the strongest of all avenues. If you master the cause and effect, you can master everything!”
As soon as he finished speaking, he saw hundreds of immortal treasures, including the Taiyi Ten Thousand Dao Cauldron that Xu Ying collected, all bursting with power and blasting towards each other!
Xu Ying, Zhuo Daochun and others’ scalps went numb as they saw those great treasures being destroyed one after another by the opponent’s