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ction of the sword sect’s sword skills, Chu Weiyang At the same time as he was stationed in the realm of “Ten Thousand Swords Chaozong”, he also seemed to be stationed in the realm of “One Sword Breaks All Laws”.

And through this kind of close connection regardless of each other, a magic sword is stored in the sword world, which is almost equivalent to Chu Weiyang using the most perfect method to smelt all kinds of precious materials. Entered the sword pill.
The intertwining of ancient and modern swordsmanship has actually contributed to each other’s shortcuts.
And it was precisely after realizing this that even Chu Weiyang couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.
/On the way to the rise of the Sword Sect, do they understand what they missed?
Thinking about it this way, the madness and stubbornness of the current Sword Sect cultivators appear more and more like they are the ones to blame after drinking poison to quench their thirst for a long time.
Even if he only looked at it from the perspective of pure Tao and Dharma, Chu Weiyang also had a feeling that the sect that missed such an opportunity in the past would definitely be “punished”.
And similarly, along with the gaps in refining, as the magic swords turned into auras and flew into the mountains and rivers sword world, Chu Weiyang also focused on two things, and part of his mind was with another god. The Xing Zhen Ling was in sympathy with each other, and during the interval between Chu Weiyang’s kneading and cursing, he poured portions of the precious medicine and elixir into the pool of water.
Finally, at a flashing moment, the last sword light evaporated from the magic flame in Chu Weiyang’s hand and jumped into the mountain and river sword world.
This long-lasting smelting not only used up all the supreme treasures that Chu Weiyang had harvested from pushing across the Sword Qi stream, but also what Chu Weiyang had harvested from the disciples of the Sword Sect in the past. Everything was filled and smelted by him.
There is no way, the Four Seasons Sword evolved into the Twenty-Four Sword Intentions, and Chu Weiyang used his magic power to evolve the vastness of the Twenty-Four Sword Intentions. When it was really implemented into the Sword Intent and the Dharma Sword, that might be the real A lot of numbers.
But this insufficiency itself did not cause Chu Weiyang any trouble. Instead, he gradually became more and more happy. This showed that at least in this field, he was on the path planned by the sages when the Ancient Saint Sect was at its peak. front end.
When he looked again, in the mountain and river sword world, a magic sword turned into a star map and hung high. In fact, the number of them now seemed to Chu Weiyang to be enough.
The remaining numerous sword intentions themselves are derived from the same twenty-four sword intentions, and can be regarded as different variants of the same sword intention. For this reason, there are actually too many sword intentions that are very similar.
Therefore, in Chu Weiyang’s view, these very similar