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r, she was tempered by fighting against foreigners and opening up territories in that era. The will of the country and the nation is the orthodoxy she recognizes.

Although Shangguan Dandan repeatedly suggested that Liu Changan and her find a place to rebuild the country, it did not mean that she was dissatisfied with the current country and wanted to engage in feudal restoration.
Liu Changan also told her about the deeds of someone who rebuilt the dynasty, appointed officials and concubines, and was finally eliminated by the police station. Shangguan Dandan understood how powerful the police station is. It can do everything from suppressing gangsters causing trouble in bars to wiping out local armed forces.
My home is even adjacent to the Pozi Street Police Station, which may be the most famous street police station in the country. It is really not suitable to engage in dangerous activities such as Jianguo.
During the time when Shangguan Dandan was lying in the coffin and refused to come out, Liu Changan used “Holy Ruins” as an introduction to talk about politics to her and added a lot of modern common sense to her, in order to let her actively and correctly integrate into modern life and want to rebuild feudalism. Dynasty certainly does not fall into the category of positive correctness.
“I think you are very enlightened. How about I help you arrange a school to study in and take the civil service exam after graduation?” Liu Changan sincerely suggested that with his support and resources, Shangguan Dandan would have unlimited future.
“I don’t study.” Shangguan Dandan was not interested. By observing Zhou Dongdong and Zhu Juntang, Shangguan Dantan already knew that studying in modern society means being locked up in school, which is a very painful thing.
/In fact, there were real universities in the Han Dynasty. Shangguan Dandan read a novel called “Lin Yuan Xing”. In it, the Yuan Shuo Kingdom set up Imperial College in the east. The official schools set up in the prefectures were called xue, and the ones at the county level were called schools. , the rural ones are called Xiangxu, and they use the teaching system since Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty.
Shangguan Dandan liked reading novels like this, which gave her a sense of immersion, but since she had been the head of a civil servant, she had no interest in studying to take the civil service exam.
She just wants to play cards, eat, and lie down in a coffin every day. If school is just for fun, she can still go to school. It is impossible to study.
“As expected of Zhu Juntang and Zhou Dongdong’s good friends.” Liu Changan shook his head.
“Come here and choose a horse!”
Zhou Shuling shouted excitedly that she was the one looking forward to riding the horse the most among the group, but she did not dare to ride it herself.
/To do such dangerous things, Liu Changan must be by his side. Even if he doesn’t say a word, Zhou Shuling will be more confident.
Many women are like this. Others may not be able to help her with what she does, but no one feels flustered