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that he was as silent and motionless as a jade statue, he would not end the retreat for the time being. He raised his hand to inject innate energy as a boost.

Then, he pushed open She Zhang’s door again.
This is what cultivating immortality is like!
In the backyard of Changming Mansion, Lu Bei struggled with the experience of 295 million, feeling uncomfortable all over, and almost drove his obsessive-compulsive disorder to death.
For these five million experience points, my good brother Hu San contributed a little bit, and the rest came from Zhu Qilan. If I want to raise another five million dollars, I am afraid I will really have to live in Changming Mansion for a while.
“With this effort, all the tasks subcontracted to players are profitable.”
Lu Bei shook his head. As loyal and patriotic as he was, rubbing the eldest princess four times in one night was already the limit. If he did it two more times, his patriotism would not allow it.
Suddenly, he suddenly thought of something, got up and flew away from Changming Mansion, and landed on a random rooftop on the streets of Changming County.
He took out the Thousand Miles Talisman hidden in the space ring, injected it with mana, and dialed the number of Jing Ji, the elder of Tianjian Sect.
After three times in a row, Jing Ji was connected.
/“Nephew Lu Xian, is something wrong?”
“I’m in Yuezhou, when will you give me the list?”
“So urgent?” Jing Ji asked in surprise.
“Soldiers are very fast, and so is cultivation. Lu’s cultivation today is all due to hard work and sweat, and he doesn’t dare to slack off.”
Lu Bei replied solemnly and continued: “Besides, it has been ten hours since you and I parted, a full ten hours, which is not a short time. I think Elder Jing has already prepared the list.”
“Elder Jing, please speak!”
“Nephew Lu Xian is a little eager for success. You have just escaped from the Lingxiao Sword Sect, so you should practice for a while. That’s it. Give me three days. After three days, I will give you the list.”
Jing Ji spoke very quickly, and before Lu Bei could speak, he said: “Don’t be too slow. In addition to informing the sword cultivators in Yizhou to be prepared, if you cause trouble in the Lingxiao Sword Sect, Lin Buyan will definitely not let it go. , how to protect you thoroughly still requires Jing’s mediation, and all of this will take time.”
/Jing Ji’s words made sense. Lu Bei ended the call after urging and agreed to contact him again in three days.
On the side of Tianjian Sect, Jing Ji looked at the Thousand Miles Talisman in his hand, took out the bronze mirror magic weapon while it was hot, recited the formula, and explored Lu Bei’s location with chaotic eyes.
In the sight, the streets under the moon were hazy, and as the vision went away, the plaques of the houses were revealed, with three big characters clearly visible.
Jing Ji:
You dare to claim that you and your senior sister are in love with each other. This shameless thing will die at the hands of a woman sooner or later.
Thinking of this, Jin