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umbled and fell into the dust and was stained with mud, that he suddenly understood this truth again.

At this moment, Chu Weiyang was standing with his hands behind his back, looking at the old Luosheng with a look and attitude that was so calm that it was almost normal.
Whether it was Chu Weiyang’s poisonous energy from the Five Aggregates that could really threaten the great monks in the Golden Core Realm, or the Taoist’s actions during this series of shocking events.
If Chu Weiyang hadn’t recorded the classics, he would have actually taught Uncle Shang to attain enlightenment, and even taken the initiative to lead that charred corpse into the world. Perhaps it would have been unimaginably tragic for all the cultivators in the entire Sanyuan Realm. situation.
/Perhaps the complete “Jade Book” sealed by the sages for endless years will become the wedding dress of monks outside the world.
Mountains, rivers and land sink, nothing like this.
Based on this calculation, Chu Weiyang’s actions almost had the meaning of turning the world upside down.
Coupled with the bonus accumulated from all kinds of momentum.
In fact, at this time, the cultivators had already regarded Chu Weiyang as a comrade.
There is no reason why people who can be named in the “Jade Book” do not have the talent and foundation to reach the realm of Jindan.
And Old Luosheng finally underestimated Chu Weiyang’s confidence and courage!
Almost in an instant, with the flash of five-color spiritual light, the face of the old Luo Sheng, hidden under the layers of broken shells, twitched suddenly but not obviously. Instead, it was Chu Weiyang’s face. The body shape was really close to the old Luosheng.
That is an area that can be almost reached by Taoist magic in an instant.
But does Old Snail Sage dare to take action?
However, Chu Weiyang had the confidence and courage to stand so close to him, carefully observing the ferocious, strange and morbid changes in the old Luo Sheng’s body.
The evil spirits of the five plagues and five poisons are flowing in the three elements of the person’s essence, energy, and spirit, and they have been clearly and irresistibly reflected in the person’s cultivation qi.
Compared to the past when Chu Weiyang spent so much information and caused turbulent killings deep in the outer sea.
The poisonous and evil energy of the five accumulations in Old Luo Sheng’s body is not only equally vast, but also “nurtured” by the great demon at the pinnacle of the golden elixir realm with the essence of the three elements of essence, energy, and spirit and the rich foundation of Tao and Fruit. .
Its essence is far superior to the poisonous and evil energy of the five yin mastered by Chu Weiyang.
You must know that the same Tao method operation, at Chu Weiyang’s current level, is still an ordinary method of killing and refining, but when it reaches the realm of golden elixir, especially when it reaches the level of Old Luosheng , almost only one step away from the so-called magical transformation.
/Old Snail Sage single-handedly