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anxiu beside her without hesitation and disappeared from the place like a ball of black smoke.

“They ran away.” Avrona shook her head presciently and said, “Those who couldn’t escape, I ran away several times.”
Xiaobai ignored Avrona and followed Mrs. Karnstein’s black smoke-like figure that was already far away.
Avrona stopped where she was, thought for a while, and simply sat down. She was just a bear and didn’t want to move much in the cold season, not to mention that she was surrounded by magnetic field disrupting devices laid out by Tesla and gold coins. As long as it is a creature on earth, it cannot tell the direction at all. Even the most basic ability to distinguish front, back, left, right, up and down will be lost. Where can it run?
“They have great confidence in you.” Tesla lifted the suspenders on her skirt, “I’ll catch you first, and then I’ll catch them back.”
Liu Changan had not spoken since he saw the helicopter appear. At this time, he was not going to talk nonsense. He disappeared on the spot, rushed to Tesla’s side in an instant, and blew the robot’s gold coin’s head off with one punch.
“Lord Blood Ancestor, why do you always like to do such meaningless things?” The voice of gold coins came from the helicopter again.
“The gold coin is actually a part of your consciousness. Only by killing you will it truly disappear.” Liu Changan thought of this possibility. Otherwise, how could such a robot gain Tesla’s greatest trust? When Silla appeared together, Liu Changan had this strong intuition that he was one with her.
“That’s right.” Tesla did not deny that there was no point in avoiding this issue because Liu Changan could not kill her. No matter how primitive life evolved, the power of the natural body was limited and it was difficult to fight against technology. the power of.
The coffin behind her had disintegrated, forming pieces of metal the size of fingernails, floating in the air, surrounding Tesla.
/Liu Changan saw this scene as if she had seen it before. The next moment, these metal blocks will cover her body and become her armor? Liu Changan once fought against Su Nanxiu, and Su Nanxiu wore a similar suit of armor. It was probably a technological product based on the same principle, but it was obviously not as powerful as Tesla.
Liu Changan still ignored him and punched Tesla in front of him.
Those metal pieces instantly formed a floating protective shield in front of her, resisting Liu Changan’s fist.
A majestic force rebounded, and his body was immediately pushed back dozens of meters by the force.
“It’s interesting.” Liu Changan laughed. This rebounding force felt so familiar. It was exactly the force he sent out, all hitting back at him.
“It will be more interesting.” Tesla also laughed. She walked towards Liu Changan, and the metal pieces no longer floated in front of her, but covered her body, connecting with each other to form a Got a set of armor.
With the Tesla armor on her body, she walked slowly but exuded majestic momentum. The hard ice in Antarctica, which had been