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roaned twice, secretly thinking that evil people will have their own evil, the Yin and Yang portal opened under his feet, and his body slowly sank into it.

Black and white small single room.
Xiang Muqing was kneeling on the ground with a bloodless face, his hands were dragged in the air by chains, and two magic weapons were locked next to him, namely the Qingming Sword and the White Jade Lotus Platform.
Hearing the footsteps approaching, Xiang Muqing slowly opened his eyes, then held his breath, and his eyes straightened instantly.
The Taifu played by Lu Bei is very lifelike. He doesn’t need much acting skills. He just has a straight face. When he speaks, he is arrogant and uses his nostrils to attack people. He looks more like a Taifu than a Taifu.
This is what Lu Bei sees as the Grand Tutor.
“Little sister, where is this place? It turns out to be the treasure map of the goddess. The power of yin and yang is perfect, and the goddess is in a good state.” Xiang Muqing was the first to speak, with admiration in his eyes.
Lu Bei looked down at Xiang Muqing, his eyes were burning, and the corners of his eyes twitched.
This woman never forgets to be courteous even when she is in jail. She really never forgets her original intention and remains the same.
Before Lu Bei could speak, Xiang Muqing’s expression changed, his nose twitched slightly, and he said coldly: “Who are you? You are not Taifu Wu Zhou, you are a man.”
Lu Bei:
What is this, a reverse stereoreceptor?
“who are you!”
Xiang Mu Qing forced his body to stand up, his eyes were cold and pointed: “Lu Bei, the Sky Sword Sect, is going to capture my devil, right?”
Now that things have happened, there is no need to continue acting. Lu Bei raised his hand to touch his face, changed into his original appearance, and said in surprise: “Xiang Xiang has good eyesight, the changes of my sect leader are so vivid, you can still see the clues.”
“Haha, you stinky man, even if you become a woman, you still smell bad.”
“That’s called manliness.”
Because everyone has the same hobbies, it is difficult for Lu Bei to find a common language with the other party. He raised his eyebrows and pointed at the yin and yang around him: “The bright people don’t speak secret words. You were captured by this sect leader and only the furnace tripod can survive. Do you have any questions? ”
/“Stop talking nonsense, if I escape, I will take revenge one day.” Xiang Muqing dismissed it, his attitude was so good that he exploded.
Lu Bei secretly thought that it was troublesome. He was also a master who refused to take soft and hard advice, and talked about the good things about the Holy Land of the Human Race.
Before, he had threatened to use physical force, but now he was too lazy to try. He raised his hand to lift Xiang Muqing’s chin, avoided the silver teeth from biting him, pinched his face and said: “I don’t have much time, I will deal with you.” , and the chef next door is waiting, she is the main meal, let’s start now!”
“Wait a minute, what did you say?”