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next moment, thick water vapor swept in from all directions.

Suddenly, without Chu Weiyang flying the calligraphy talisman, it seemed that the steps of volleying the calligraphy talisman had been completed silently as early as the moment Chu Weiyang turned the oil-paper umbrella.
In short, at that moment, when the thick water vapor enveloped the gray and black water droplets, and then swept away in all directions, the sound of whistling and buzzing in the air was revealed in everyone’s eyes. , are black arrows one after another!
Compared to the moment when this group of people appeared, the secret probing and even the display of murderous intent seemed to be changing in layers.
As soon as Chu Weiyang took action here, the poisonous smoke lingering in the water mist for an instant, the murderous intention and undisguised malice condensed on the sharp black arrows, seemed to be some huge thing entrenched on that mound. At this moment, he opened his mouth wide and looked at the person coming unscrupulously.
In the flash of lightning and stone fire, as the black arrows appeared, most of the people came and hurriedly stood on the spot.
As a member of the Yuan Sect, he didn’t listen to the advice at first. The change of murderous intention when he appeared was more like some kind of temptation, to test Chu Weiyang’s strength, and also to peel off Chu Weiyang’s face.
But no matter what the reason was, most of these people definitely did not come here to fight Chu Weiyang to the death.
However, someone stopped his figure and dispersed his energy and meaning.
But there are still several people who have not stopped.
/In the midst of the flash of lightning, the sound of the attacking footsteps and the sound of black arrows piercing the air were intertwined, making them blurry and difficult to distinguish.
In the dark, there seemed to be contemptuous laughter echoing.
In the next moment, almost everyone’s energy was intertwined in the air, shattering the wind and rain, and suddenly turned into a stream of water vapor that dispersed.
Among the people who were attacking and killing, someone suddenly jumped back diagonally. When they looked back, they all had a sly smile on their face.
In the same place, there were only two people walking non-stop, with murderous intent and malicious intent evident.
But when Chu Weiyang raised his hand under the oil-paper umbrella, one of the two people suddenly stopped.
The next moment, eighteen black arrows howled and formed an airtight net, enveloping the water vapor pouring in from the sky. It seemed that the black and white intertwined condensed into a picture of the lunar Pisces, regardless of these two people. What was the final reaction? The moment he took action, the two people standing in front of him were all covered in it.
/Suddenly, the arrows dispersed, and the heart-corroding talisman became invisible within its own form. The moment a pool of black light water stirred in the water vapor, five-color poisonous spiritual light appeared alternately.
At this moment, the mi