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ern on it to deal with me.” Zhu Juntang pointed to a particularly beautiful roll of tape and said delicately.

“Didn’t you just say you wouldn’t play?” Qin Yanan gave her a roll of his eyes.
“If it’s such a beautiful tape, I can accept it. Don’t you think that a beautiful little fairy like me, wrapped in such a fairy-style tape, has a strange beauty?” Zhu Juntang imagined it for a moment and waited. If you lose a lot, let Qin Yanan take a photo of yourself, which should also be very artistic.
“I want to use transparent tape.” Liu Changan insisted, “Using transparent tape to wrap Zhu Juntang into a mummy is my goal this afternoon.”
“No!” Zhu Juntang objected loudly. This Liu Changan was too hateful. The fairy turned into a mummy. He just didn’t want her to become a fairy.
“Okay, the winner can use whatever they want, and the loser shuts up.” Qin Yanan added, “The person who is taped, if he wins the next round, he can choose to tape someone else, or he can Choose to take the tape off yourself.”
Seeing that the three of them had no private words to say and no intention of letting her avoid them, Sister Lan took the wool and knitted a sweater aside while watching the three children playing with a smile.
Qin Yanan lowered the height of the sofa. She and Zhu Juntang sat on the sofa, because she felt that Zhu Juntang would be wrapped with tape several times first. If she sat on a chair or stool, she might not be able to sit firmly, so she added a few cushions to the sofa. And pillow, it is more convenient to lean on and adjust your posture.
“I’m going to stick you on the wall.” Zhu Juntang was not afraid. He said harsh words first anyway, so he couldn’t lose his momentum. Thinking about Liu Changan being stuck on the wall with tape and unable to move, it was very satisfying.
Liu Changan nodded. Human beings have a higher status in nature and are higher organisms. It is very difficult for higher organisms to understand the words and deeds of lower organisms.
This kind of incomprehension sometimes becomes fun.
For example, people love to see videos of huskies doing stupid things.
/Zhu Juntang was clearly dealt with by Liu Changan many times, but he took the lead in making enemies and provoking Liu Changan. Can normal people understand this choice? As expected of a sheep.
“I’m going to turn you into a mummy.” Liu Changan was not provoking, but just clarifying the facts about what was about to happen. Every time she took care of Zhu Juntang, it was a reflection of the meaning of her existence.
“If I win, I will tape your two mouths first.” Qin Yanan was not to be outdone. She felt that she might have an advantage because she was wearing stockings. The surface of the stockings was very smooth and the tape might not stick.
Liu Changan and Qin Yanan looked at her together.
There is no doubt that Zhu Juntang’s dishonest tactics aroused Qin Yanan’s feelings of hatred and hatred. Originally, Qin Yanan wanted to be fair and just.
“Okay.” Liu Changan nodded. He was not in a hurry. He was very patient