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ll, he decided to go there by car this time. At least the safety in the car was much higher and the speed was much faster.

This is a car that is more than thirty years old. From the outside, it is impossible to tell that it has a history of more than thirty years.
This is related to the use of the car in an urban environment, but the most important thing is that the metal used in this car contains the insect shell component of the first-level Zerg.
/This car, called the Gladstone III, is an old model among the Gladstone car brands, but the Gladstone brand is the best brand on the Rock Planet. David’s mother paid for it when she bought it. Bought second hand at a great price.
The reason for purchasing such a Gladstone III car was the influence of David’s mother’s extreme insecurity. It was this extreme insecurity that separated David’s mother from his father Hans.
In fact, if it were a brand new Gladstone car, David’s mother would not be able to buy such a car even if she was ten times richer.
In my memory of the predecessor, I was very dissatisfied with the Gladstone Type III car because this style had long since fallen out of fashion.
But at this time, David was extremely satisfied, because the safety of the Gladstone III car and the safety of the Gladstone car were unquestionable, regardless of the quality of the generation.
Although the insect shell of the first-level insect race is not as good as the tips of its teeth and claws, in terms of durability, it is harder than most metals.
Sitting in a car made of this material, it is difficult to harm the driver unless he is a soldier or uses a heavy weapon.
The door of the Gladstone III opened automatically, and David sat on the soft seat. The car automatically turned on the power unit when it detected his identity bracelet.
The Gladstone III car slightly lifted off the ground, maintaining a height of 0.3 meters, and then the garage door opened.
The car drove out of the garage automatically, and at the same time a map of the entire city of Perrin appeared in front of David.
David is still underage, and his authority is too low, so he is not qualified to drive a car alone. He can only turn on the automatic driving mode, and the entire journey is controlled by the urban transportation system.
Sitting on the comfortable seat, feeling the stability and quietness of the car, the car drove onto the road.
Here I have to talk about the traffic in Perrin City, or the traffic in the entire Rock Star and even the entire Interstellar Federation.
/Although with the technical capabilities of the Interstellar Federation, flight has long been easily achieved, and after more than ten thousand years of development, the technology has long been extremely mature.
But whether it is a galaxy near a battle star or a peaceful galaxy, the same principle is followed. Flights can only be carried out by citizens with corresponding permissions.
Ordinary citizens can only drive a car 0.3 meters above the ground like David, and the maximum height cannot exceed 1 meter.
Air traffic